How To Wedding Plan RN According To Your Zodiac Sign

Should we start this off with a platitude about how so much in the world is uncertain right now, or is that more tired than the banana bread Instagram posts? Either way, there’s probably no better time than the present to turn to the movement of the stars and planets to help us make major life choices. If you’re planning or postponing a wedding, you probably have a lot of questions. So let your zodiac sign answer them. Here’s how you should wedding plan, whether it be your OG wedding date or a new one, according to your horoscope.


Known for her determination, an Aries bride likes (read: needs) to see progress. But don’t forget to read the room (read: your fiancé). Whether you and your fiancé bond over budget spreadsheets or he stops breathing at the mention of “florals,” it’s important to remember that not everyone shares your “can’t stop won’t stop” attitude. So make sure you can find some aspect of the wedding planning process for him to at least feel like he can get involved with.


You are a creature of comfort who values her down time. When down time is at a premium, what better time to plan your wedding playlist? Depending on your mood, make this a solo activity (better to ask for forgiveness than permission anyway, right?) or a bonding activity with the husband-to-be. Just please, no couples TikTok dances, ok?


As a Gemini, your mind moves at the speed of light, and sometimes people have trouble keeping up. The best plan of action for the Gemini bride is to keep the bridal party positive and engaged while crowdsourcing input. Like, maybe you do a series of polls on your Instagram story, or use the questions feature. Anything other than a Facebook status asking random people you went to high school with for their recs, because it’s annoying and nobody wants to see it.


Conflict is a no-no for a Cancer bride, so let’s do our due diligence in advance to avoid any “you can’t sit with us” moments on the big day… literally. Now is the perfect time to get started on those seating arrangements. It’s basically like doing a puzzle, but you don’t have to wait four weeks for it to ship from Amazon.


The Leo bride is known to have a meltdown when she can’t be the life of the party. Don’t bother telling her that there is no party, because she’s going to create one, even if it’s virtual. Leo brides, keep your original wedding date on the calendar, even if it’s been postponed due to COVID-19, and plan a virtual Skype toast with your bridal party. Getting the gang together will give you an opportunity to acknowledge (even if it’s just in your head) all the planning thus far while keeping spirits high for your 2.0 wedding.


It’s your job to guide the unfortunate, disorganized people. As your well-intentioned family and friends share stream of consciousness ideas with you, sort suggestions as they come in. Pro tip: If you’re using the Edge browser, create a Collection for each category, including venues, floral arrangements, color schemes, and more. When you need a break, take a look at palm trees and blue waters with some honeymoon planning, of course organized by location and date range.


You Libras are social gals, so while you may be home alone, make sure you’re regularly hosting virtual happy hours (and tuning into the ones on @betchesbrides) to commiserate with other other couples who are going through the same scenario. Just make sure that, when you do plan your alternate wedding, you don’t let your Libra desire to please everyone take over what should be your day.


Scorpios approach a problem with a strategy. And while we’re not going to say a canceled wedding is a problem, it’s kind of a roadblock. Enter stage left: the Scorpio bride. Rather than stress about if your full guest list will attend on the new date, create a digital survey for your wedding guests to gauge their comfort level of attendance based on projected scenarios.


You, Sagittarius bride, crave knowledge. So why not take this time to focus on a new skill (one that you actually enjoy, obviously) that will benefit your wedding planning? Take a virtual floral arranging class, or hit up Pinterest for a trial-and-error at home baking session. You’ll learn something new and, provided you are successful at learning said new thing, be able to save money on florals and/or reception desserts too.


You’re an independent thinker, and while many people consider you stubborn, you remind them that you’re just right. It’s important, though, dear Aquarius bride, to remember that (sometimes) other people’s opinions can help you. Write up a list of your top five wedding worries, and share them with a few of your closest family members and/or friends. You’ll be surprised at how the support and input of a group will bring new perspectives to tackle those sticky scenarios.


As a self-identified workaholic, a Capricorn bride can keep herself sane by taking her mom’s advice and focusing on what she can control. While the weather was your biggest concern six months ago, you now have bigger fish to fry. Organizing your priority list to tackle the items that you can plan now—including menu specifics, florals, and bridesmaid dresses—will help keep you sane.


You are quite literally a glass case of emotion. Give yourself the grace to feel all the feelings as you embark on wedding 2.0, and remember that your team has your back. As you sit down to plan your wedding, whether it’s determining the new date or finalizing table arrangements, regularly take time for what fuels you and check in with what grounds you, whether its an inspirational Pinterest board or a large glass of wine.

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Sara Levine
Sara Levine
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