5 Holiday Nail Art Ideas That Will Have You Feeling Festive AF

It’s actually December, and the tree at Rockefeller Center is lit af. It’s basically Christmas already, guys. Unless you’re a normal human grinch, Christmas is the one holiday where everyone acts extremely extra, and quite honestly, the festive cheer is encouraged. I may be the wrong person to talk to about this, because I literally have been listening to Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas album since October, and I may or may not have two Christmas trees in my apartment rn, but THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. My point is, #HolidaySZN makes for the perfect excuse to deck yourself and everything around you in all the sparkles and lights you want. The new month comes bearing holiday parties, themed outfits, and NYE preparations, so to complete your snazzy dress, here are five designs for the holiday nail inspo you never knew you needed.

1. Toffee

Bright colors aren’t my thing, either. Obviously the only color I ever want for anything is black. For a warmer neutral that isn’t over the top and obnoxious, a warm toffee makes for a classy holiday shade. It can be your new fave nude, and if you feel your mani is still lacking some cheer, add gold flake accents.

Toffee Nails

2. Sparkly/Chrome Tips

‘Tis the season for all glitter everything. Instead of making a complete mess, only get your tips dipped in Insta-worthy glitter for a twist on this trend. If you’re looking for something that isn’t a bitch to take off with nail polish remover, opt for chrome tips in your favorite metal and a simple neutral.

Chrome Tips

3. Two-Toned

Whether it’s with red and green, black and white, or sweater-weather darks, keep your manicure game interesting by mixing a couple of colors together. Change things up a bit with different geometric shapes, matte accents, or contrasting color blocks.

Two Toned Nails

4. Glittery Shit

Literally anything with a shit ton of sparkles is fair game. If you want to be festive AF and get a million likes with your next nailfie on Instagram, consider a design with glitter every-fucking-where. Deck each nail with a solid glitter shade, choose an ombre style, or ya know, you could always do just the tip.

Glitter Nails

5. Holiday Art That Isn’t Basic

I’m always impressed with people who have the time to paint their own nails, or sit through a hella long nail appointment while they receive hand-painted nail art. I barely have time to breathe, let alone draw a fucking snowman with a toothpick on my ring finger. If you were blessed with artistic abilities or have a really patient manicurist, go for holiday-inspired nail art. Try plaid, chic snowflakes, or some kind of stylish wrapping paper look. Really, as long as you don’t have an entire nativity scene painted across your nails.

Holiday Nail Art