Hillary Clinton Has A Hot Nephew Who's A Male Model, But Why Male Models?

Hillary Clinton may not have won the presidency and smashed the glass ceiling (still bitter about that, TBH), but that doesn’t mean other Clintons can’t get in on the “smashing gender norms” game. Now, let’s play a word association game. If I say the words “young Clinton,” who comes to mind? Is it Chelsea? It’s probably Chelsea. Now, if I were to say the words “hot Clinton” who would come to mind? Maybe like, Bill in college? Or like, that picture of Hillary wearing cool pants in the 70s? IDK. The jury is still out on that one. But what if I were to tell you that there’s an even younger member of the Clinton family, who also happens to be a hot male model? Meet Tyler Clinton, Hillary’s hot nephew.

Tyler made a moderate splash last summer when he uploaded some amateur modeling photos to the internet, as one does. This is normally where people’s amateur Instagram modeling career both begins and ends. Like, no matter how fire your gym selfie is, it usually does not end in gainful employment. But that rule apparently does not apply to members of political royalty (and felons), because as of this week Tyler has officially signed a contract with IMG, one of the world’s biggest modeling agencies that isn’t the one all the ANTM winners get signed to.


IMG’s biggest claim to fame is that they also represent the Hadid sisters, which is exciting because I think we can all agree that the consolidation of the Hadid-Clinton dynasty would be good for America. I mean, we may be getting ahead of ourselves here, but if Tyler and a Hadid sister end up together, their offspring would be the most beautiful baby democrat since JFK Jr. (RIP.) And we would literally die if we got to see Hillary Clinton trying to hold a conversation with Gigi. What could they possibly talk about? That stupid Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, probably. 

Signing this contract means Tyler makes the jump from being one of those random thirsty dudes from your high school on Instagram who hashtags #model in all his photos for free to doing all the same shit but actually getting paid for it. And in case you’re wondering how the fuck this perfect male specimen is related to the Clintons, Tyler is the son of Bill Clinton’s brother Roger, but he looks more like a young Matt Damon with better bone structure. He’s 22 years old, and his Instagram (@tclint) is basically dream boyfriend material if we liked being outside a little bit more.


Land of the free

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There’s camping, kayaking, and beaches (#whitepeoplethings), and while the first two things on that list sound like our personal hell, we’d learn to fake it for Tyler and his life changing abs. Now I know America wasn’t ready for the first woman president, but are we ready for the first Instagram model-turned-actual-model-turned-president? Who knows? And who knows if Tyler will make it big in the modeling world, but we have a feeling with his family connections he’ll be okay no matter what. He recently made the move from LA to New York, so look out for him next time you’re out and about in NYC. The city’s not that big, right?