'Gilmore Girls' Might Do Another Revival, So Brace Yourselves For Mediocrity

I hope for your sake that your love/hate relationship with the ultra-caffeinated residents of Stars Hollow is more love than hate, because Netflix might bring back Gilmore Girls yet again. Go ahead and call your mom now, before she finds out through the millions of Facebook posts that are about to show up on your newsfeed.

Naturally, the possibility of a continuation of the continuation brings up questions. How ugly will they make Paris’ hair this time? Will it take after last year’s aggressively mediocre revival or the far superior original series? Is Hollywood ever going to produce new material or keep playing on nostalgia for the rest of eternity? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Knowing Things

Unfortunately for the dwindling number of people who care, actual Gilmore intel is pretty thin on the ground. All we know is that Ted Sarandos, the dude in charge of picking Netflix’s content, told the UK Press Association that they’re in “very preliminary” talks with the creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, to make more episodes. As always, the internet had many divided thoughts. 

So nothing is official yet, but you might want to start stockpiling coffee beans, frozen pizza, and lame sarcastic comebacks just in case.