Former Employee Exposed Buzzfeed's Shady Layoffs By Posting A Quiz On Buzzfeed

In case your creative writing major friends haven’t been talking about it nonstop, a lot of sh*t has been going down in the online publishing world. On Friday, January 25, BuzzFeed laid off “seven members of the national desk, the six-person national security team and the two journalists covering health. All but two members of the entertainment team were laid off and all but one on the L.B.G.T. desk. There were no cuts to the technology, politics or investigations teams,” according to the New York Times.

One legendary ex-BuzzFeed employee, Jason Sweeten, wreaked havoc on his previous employer in a way we all wish we shadily could. Earlier this morning (at 10:36am to be exactly), Sweeten took to his previous company’s website to troll the viral media company the best way he knew how: a quiz. Sweeten’s goal was to help current BuzzFeed employees determine whether or not they actually still have a job. After 5 1/2 years of employment, Sweeten understands the nuances of working at BuzzFeed and provided a great guide for his confused, sad, and angry ex-coworkers.

As of June 2018, Sweeten  “was Creative, Creative Manager, and Senior Creative Lead, Quizzes at BuzzFeed from 2013 to 2018. During his tenure, Jason wrote countless sponsored posts, including one of their first viral, branded quizzes. He also spent several years managing teams of creatives, eventually overseeing branded quizzes and helping launch BuzzFeed’s mini-quiz ad product,” according to his personal website. Anyone working in media or having any sort of job ever, can relate to what sparked this sweet, sweet viral quiz.

But how did he get something like this ON BuzzFeed’s website? Their contributing platform allows for people to post content directly without going through any on the editorial team. So will this quiz still be live after the higher ups catch wind? It doesn’t matter because we’ve screenshotted the entire thing dissected for your enjoyment.

Is it worse to have worked there for longer or less time? Either way it really sucks.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Scattered? Welcome to working in media.


She probably got fired.

Talk about boosting company morale.

We vote for option D.