Everyone Should Read Halsey's Protest Tweets

We’ve reached the point where it’s basically a requirement that everyone acknowledges the current protests against police brutality on social media, and unsurprisingly, some are doing it better than others. While some Real Housewives (and a lot of people in Seth Rogen’s comment section) are clinging to their All Lives Matter bullsh*t, more and more people are interrupting the aesthetic of their grid to get mad about what is, and has for decades been, happening to black people in our country.

This goes for celebrities too. We’ve seen many sharing amazing, educational posts, and even joining the protests themselves. Halsey has definitely been one of the best celeb follows on Twitter recently, sharing personal protest stories, important safety information, and general thoughts about this current situation, and the larger issues that caused it, that everyone should read. Halsey has always spoken out about the issues and microaggressions she has faced as a biracial woman, while also acknowledging her privilege as a white-passing woman of color.

Whenever protests like this get a lot of attention, there are inevitably those who are critical of the methods used. It’s easy to suggest a peaceful protest when you’ve never actually had to protest for your own rights, and when you are not being antagonized by people who are not part of the peaceful protest. But if you’re a true ally, you know that it’s not your place to question or critique the response to pain you cannot understand.

It’s fine to have questions. It’s great to want to educate yourself. But right now isn’t the time to burden your black friend or coworker with the responsibility of explaining things to you. Read a book. Watch a documentary. Have conversations with allies in your life who have already done this work. There are many other ways to educate yourself.

Like many others, Halsey went out to protest this weekend in Los Angeles. But unfortunately things didn’t remain peaceful at these protests, and Halsey documented firsthand the unprovoked aggressive behavior of police officers toward protestors. On Saturday, after leaving the protest, she tweeted that she was not arrested, but had left because police were making arrests, and she was with people whose immigration status would be at risk if they were arrested.

While she was safe, she reiterated that many others “were shot, gassed + antagonized,” despite the protestors remaining calm and not provoking the police. Judging from videos of protests in different cities, unprovoked aggression seems to be a common theme at these protests, and Halsey experienced the same thing the very next day.

On Sunday night, Halsey posted more tweets about “the horrors” of the protesting experience, saying that the National Guard and the LAPD were firing rubber bullets into crowds of protestors kneeling peacefully. She stressed that people are getting seriously injured, and there aren’t enough people with medical training to help them out. This sounds like something you would expect in a war zone, but not in the streets of Santa Monica.


She also posted several photos and videos of police officers moving toward peaceful protestors and tear gas exploding in the middle of the street. While Halsey wasn’t injured, she warned about the danger of rubber bullets, saying that she “had to bandage a man who looked like his entire face had exploded today.” She specifically directed this point at people who think the protestors are exaggerating, or that the police aren’t contributing to the violence here.

And it seems like this should go without saying, but if you see Halsey, or any other public figure, out at a protest, don’t f*cking ask for a picture.

Is it great that celebs are out there getting involved? Absolutely. But a protest is not a meet-and-greet, this is f*cking serious.

Halsey gets this, and because of her posts, there’s no doubt that she’s helped many other people start to understand this situation better. Her dedication to giving her millions of followers a real look at what’s happening right now is so necessary, and I hope her followers are listening.
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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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