This Is The Most Insane Campaign Ad You'll Ever Watch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are well aware that midterms are this upcoming fall and most primaries are in full swing. If you’ve managed to somehow live your life without knowing this, please let us know what type of wine you’ve been sipping on because we want to join your blissfully unaware lifestyle ASAP.

In the meantime, there’s a West Virginia man named Don Blankenship running for US Senate who has a lot to say and zero enthusiasm with which to say it. He easily is the craziest person in politics with the first name Don and that is currently a very hard title to claim. Watch his political ad where he inexplicably calls Mitch McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” and refers to McConnell’s “China family” which I think (I know) is just a racist attack on McConnell’s wife:

Blankenship is running as a Republican (duh) but is keen on draining the DC swamp and that clearly includes the current standing Republicans in the Senate. He’s also keen on having literally zero changes in tone in his voice. He might not win the Senate race but he is 100% going to win the “who is the next serial murderer” contest he’s just entered himself into. Filmmakers should start pre-production on the inevitable Netflix series about this dude right now for when he mass murders an entire town.

While this video will leave you completely uncomfortable, it is heartening to see the GOP’s plan at courting psychos backfiring so spectacularly. Also, can someone check in on those two tiny blonde girls who just appear at the end of the video? Are they safe? Does he know them? Who taught the one on the right the skinny arm? She’s too young for that. 

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