Corinne And Her Platinum Vagine Are Officially Doing 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Look out world, Corinne Olympios is ready to get some sand in her platinum vagine on Bachelor in Paradise.

Last we really saw Corinne she was getting dumped by Nick Viall. Let that super embarrassing situation sink in for a minute. Nobody likes getting dumped, but it would certainly be worse if the person dumping you was Wisconsin’s worst reality show star.

Anyway, Corinne seemed to bounce back in the best way any Bachelor contestant could hope to: by turning all of her TV quotes into merchandise and advertising shit on Instagram. Thankfully, for Corinne that is, she’ll have more ridiculous comments to turn into cash as an official cast member on Bachelor in Paradise. A source confirmed her appearance to E News on Thursday.


Corinne did admit that she’s “nervous” about doing the show because there are rumblings that her arch-nemesis Taylor Nolan will also be on the show. Like, no shit. No way the producers are missing out on an opportunity to have those two argue about emotional intelligence again. Side note, I feel like we always talk to the producers like these big bad puppet masters, not unlike how the president refers to “the media”. But, nevertheless, this is a ratings dream come true. What’s easier TV than putting two girls who already hate each other on a beach together?

Weirdly, though, for being kind of hated while in the Bachelor mansion, Corinne is somehow tight with her cast mates now. Remember how she was included in the group that game Rachel dating advice on the first episode of The Bachelorette? Weird. The source also told E! Corrine was excited to have her friends from the house have her back at beach. Those friends are rumored to include Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, and Jasmine Goode.

Corinne allegedly is also not that interested in finding love i.e. she’s ready and willing to nap through all of the rose ceremonies. The source says she’s going for the ride and to be a great wing woman for her friends. Is it because she is already dating someone, or is she just that committed to her personal brand? We’re here for it either way tbh.


That’s bad news for all of us who really wanted Corinne and Chad to hookup and make meat-eating, margarita-drinking, nap-taking babies. The Chad confirmed his appearance on the show back in February and has also mentioned that he and Corinne have talked. I’m taking that to mean they just developed a plan to be the most outrageous they can be on TV to turn that into Instagram marketing gold later on.

Bachelor in Paradise starts August 8, and with the way the cast is stacking up, we’re all pretty excited to recap the shit out of these episodes.