Comfy But Cute Shoes To Pack For Your Next Vacation

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Now that we’re officially back to traveling, let’s discuss a seemingly niche yet highly important travel necessity: your travel shoes. Clearly, some of you have never thought twice about your shoe choice and, having been behind you in the airport security line, let me tell you, it shows. Choosing the right travel shoes is essential to starting off your trip on the right foot (no pun intended) and said shoes need to meet several necessary criteria: comfy, practical, and, of course, cute. So to help you, and everyone else you encounter in your travels, here’s a round-up of the best all-around shoes for traveling.


This first one probably seems the most obvious but mind you, you can’t just throw on any random pair of sneakers for travel. First off, your sneaker needs to actually be comfortable for when they inevitably change your gate 10 mins before boarding and you find yourself running through the airport. But you also want a pair of sneakers that are cute enough to be paired back with other things you packed for your trip. Additionally, you don’t want a sneaker that’s hard to get on or off or takes too long to tie back up, so look for a lightweight stylish option that can easily be slipped on and off.

Star Burst Sneaker

Air Max 90

Serene Mesh Sneaker


Okay, so I’ll preface this one by stating that you’ll never catch me barefoot on a plane or in an airport, so when it comes to wearing slides while traveling you can guarantee I’m still wearing socks. And sure, this definitely makes me look like a post-practice lax bro, but to me there’s truly no other option. Anyway, whether you’re adding the socks or not, slides are an easy travel shoe that’s also great to have with you once you arrive at your destination. 

Caro Leather Slide

Arizona Slide Sandal

Cloud Slides


A mule gives you a great alternative to the aforementioned slide but looks a little classier and, most importantly, prevents a bare-toed situation. Mules provide the same slip-on ease of a slide but just with a bit more elevated style. Basically, the nature of your trip should help you determine which option, slide or mule, works better for you. For example, if it’s a beach getaway then go with slides, but if it’s a work trip go with mules. 

Linnie Bit Mule

Lowery Loafer

All Star Dainty Sneaker Mule

Slip-On Sneakers

For my fellow peasants who still don’t have TSA pre-check, we know the simple joy of a great slip-on sneaker for traveling. You can quickly and easily get them on and off, so you never have to worry about being “that girl” causing unnecessary ruckus in the already chaotic security line. There are tons of cute and stylish options that will easily pair with your airport ensemble and all your packed looks as well. They’re a bit more elevated than a basic sneaker while still providing the same great comfort and practicality.

DELTA Light Grey Knit

The Sneaker

Nova Slip On Sneaker


Currently a trendy staple among fashion “it” girls, this stylish shoe also makes a surprisingly awesome travel shoe. It gives you a more put-together and fashion-forward airport look while still being an easy shoe to get around in. 

Franco Balin Block Heel Loafer

Leona Square-Toe Loafers

The Pastoso

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