Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Attire That Won't Break The Bank

Ohhhh wedding season, such a joyful time, so much love, so much happiness—for everyone but you. If weddings weren’t a constant reminder of how single you are, then they sure do remind you of how broke you are. Weddings can be truly, truly annoying, and I say that with all sincerity. People want you to come to their wedding, enjoy how in love THEY are, and spend hundreds on a dress? Ugh, the agony. Still, sometimes weddings can be great. I personally have never met an open bar I didn’t love. The singles table can we a real wild one, and if it’s a black tie wedding, well then, sign me up. Now, quoting Wedding Crashers for the entire ceremony and reception is required, but what’s also required is to have a fabulous dress. I have found some great inexpensive wedding attire that will be sure to turn heads, and hey, maybe you’ll catch the bouquet and you’ll be next! Doubtful, but at least you’ll look good trying.

Haliee Steinfeld 

My inspiration for this dress was Hailee Steinfeld.  She wore it in white, but unless you want the bride you actually kill you, I’d stay away from anything white. I wore this dress in green but found the same one in orange. I know what you’re thinking: “I’d really rather not look like a pumpkin while sulking during the first dance,” but I promise you won’t. Orange is great in the summer, especially with a tan. 


House of CB Holly orange slit front maxi dress

Bella Hadid

My next inspiration was Bella Hadid. The dress I’m wearing I found years ago and actually wore it to a prom. Please don’t judge me. I brought it to a tailor and had a slit put in it because I’m an adult now. I found an even better one for you guys! This will surely get the attention of the singles table and probably the creepy uncle at the wedding. Sorry for that. 




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House of CB Tomasa champagne satin draped maxi dress

Sometimes long dresses aren’t the vibe for a wedding. The dress I’m wearing I bought last summer and it’s sold out. I’m really sorry. I hope you forgive me, because I founder a cheaper one and it’s literally the exact same thing. Black satin always stands out. It says you’re classy but that you’re also here to fuck things up at the cocktail hour. I didn’t have a celebrity inspiration for this dress, but I think it’s perfect summer wedding attire, and in the winter it’s great for holiday parties with tights and pumps.

Lulus one day black satin halter swing dress

Meghan Markle

My next look was inspired by the new princess. Or Duchess? Whatever. I love the halter look with a top knot. This color is PERFECT for a summer wedding. The material is light, so if you really feel like dancing with the creepy uncle, you’ll be able to really move it. Meghan Markle wore a similar style for her wedding reception, so basically I’m a princess now too.



Missguided blue choker halterneck low back maxi dress

Bella Hadid (Again)

Lastly, I feel like I need to tell you that this dress from House of CB was only $200 and flawless. White is obviously not a color for a wedding , but sometimes summer gala events pop up or maybe you just want to look good going to the grocery store. Who am I to judge? Moral of the story, House of CB has some great affordable dress for whatever you’re doing this summer. 


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House of CB Merveille white wrap sleeve maxi dress

Images: Haliee Steinfeld, Bella Hadid, Kleinfeld Bridal / Instagram; Maya Media (5)

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