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Hang On To Your Backwards Hats: Billie Eilish Might Be Releasing A Double Album

Hit Me Hard And Soft again, please. After spending the last week blasting “LUNCH” and “BIRDS OF A FEATHER,” I am officially ready for the rumored part two of Billie Eilish’s third studio album. That’s right: The streets are saying there’s more and I believe the streets this time. As a dedicated Billie stan with a Ph.D. in pop girls, I recognize a hint at new music when I see (or hear) one. Between clues in the album itself, significant cover art details, and coy interview responses, Billie is really keeping us fed with all these easter eggs. I’m eating them for lunch actually.

The album is a tight 10 songs, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the sibling duo recorded several more bops that we haven’t heard yet. What are the updates on this Billie double album rumor, you ask? Here’s all the latest evidence that supports the HMHAS part two theory. I’m just here, patiently waiting on the next single, “DINNER.”

Billie Eilish Double Album Updates And Theories

Is Hit Me Hard And Soft A Double Album? Here Are The Hints

Billie’s telling line at the end of the album

Girlie gave us a very blatant easter egg at the end of the album. In the outro of “BLUE,” she teases: “But when can I hear the next one?” Ummm, I’m hoping immediately.

Her sneaky Zane Lowe interview whisper


just tell us atp😭😭 @BILLIE EILISH @FINNEAS #zaneloweinterview #billieeilish #be3 #hmhas #finneas #blue #trueblue

♬ Originalton – ☆

Shockingly, I wasn’t the only one who was curious about that spoken lyric. When Billie and Finneas chatted about the album with Zane Lowe, the radio show host asked why she chose to include that line. Billie looked around nervously, said “um,” and quickly whispered something to Zane with her hand covering her mouth. He smiled and replied, “That’s fucking great, just end it. That’s fire, that’s fire — okay, done.” And they stopped the interview there. Sure, just torture us.

The cover art for “L’Amour De Ma Vie” (Over Now Extended Edit) x the Ilomilo Theory


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Days after releasing HMHAS, Billie gifted us with an extended version of “L’Amour De Ma Vie” and yet another double album clue. The cover art is a closeup of Billie’s face and she notably has one blue eye and one red eye in the image. This brings us to the Ilomilo theory. (Stay with me; this is advanced pop stan level.)

Billie famously loves the early 2010s game Ilomilo and even named a song after it on her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The game features two creatures, ilo and milo — ilo is red and milo is blue. I would like to point out that the HMHAS album art is dark blue and “BLUE” is a track on the albumSo, it seems very possible that a red-themed part two of HMHAS is coming our way in the near future.

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