Have The Best Bachelorette Party Ever With Betchelorette

Calling all Maids of Honor!!!! Life-long best friend, twin sister, or college roommate, whatever you are, you’re probably mad stressed. Let’s face it, bridal parties are kind of the worst. You spend all your money and free time planning these events for your friend who barely even thanked when you spent all night holding her hair back while she puked last weekend. And if you don’t plan the perfect bachelorette party down to the matching bachelorette party tank tops, you can kiss the friendship goodbye. It’s enough to make you want to run to the doctor for a Xanax prescription. We’re not going to tell you not to do that, but you should know you have another option. It’s not a bachelorette party, it’s a BETCHELORETTE party. Calm down, we’ll explain.

What Is A Betchelorette?

A betchelorette is not a regular bachelorette party, it’s a cool bachelorette party. K I’ll go kill myself now. Sry. ANYWAY, Betchelorette is the latest and greatest from your fave online store, Shop Betches. We’re here to help you plan the biggest, the baddest, and the boujee-est betchelorette party. We’ve got bachelorette party tanks that are like, OMG so you. We’ve got bachelorette robes that you’ll low-key want to wear year-round. Any item of batchelorette party clothing you could possibly want, we probably have—but not like your lame “I’m With The Bride” T-shirts. This is stuff you’ll actually want to wear again (without having to shorten, unlike the heinous bridesmaid dress you’re forced to buy). All of our merch is customizable—the robes, the tanks, the swimsuits, you name it—and we recommend putting your hashtag on like, everything. But if you’re not the creative type, DW, we’ve already done the hard work of coming up with a bunch of great ideas for you. And because we’re really amazing, we’re offering serious discounts to bridal parties that order in bulk.

But wait, that’s not all! K sorry for sounding like an infomercial, but really, there’s more. With a little bit of help from our creative team, and a few extra bucks for VIP treatment, we’ll hook you up with awesome bachelorette party ideas so you don’t even have to think. We’ll make sure you have the trendiest hashtag, squad gear, and Snapchat geofilter. All you have to do is shop the items below or email [email protected] with the subject “Betchelorette”. While you’re fine tuning the details, we’ll be getting down and dirty on the shit that will make the bride forever obsessed with you and the bridesmaids green with envy.

Bachelorette Party Tank Tops

Rage Cuz She’s Engaged and Bride or Die are just two of our betchelorette tanks—we have like, so many to choose from. And yes, before you even ask, OF COURSE we made a Bridesmaids one. Check out all our betchelorette tanks here!

Bridesmaid Robes

And did I mention our robes? Perfect for brunching and rallying, extreme sunburns, and basically any other time you’re too drunk to put a proper outfit on—aka 99% of your trip. Would it be weird if I showed up to an actual restaurant in the “Champagne is always a good idea” robe? I’ll let you know what happens.

Bridal Party Swimsuits & More

If you thought we were just going to stop at custom tanks and robes, you were SO wrong. Not only do we have sexy af one piece swimsuits to accentuate your thighbrow (all the single guys your bridal party might meet) but we have bachelorette totes, hats, and the most amaze gift for your bride-to-be: a custom vintage denim jacket by Unemployed Denim! You’re so fucking welcome.

If you’re not literally dying right now at how much easier your life has become, you really should re-read this post. And don’t worry, even the custom ordering is super easy. All you have to do is shop the items directly on or email [email protected] with the subject “Betchelorette” for custom orders.

It’s so simple. With our help, even Corinne could plan the sickest bachelorette party ever for Taylor.