The Best Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix This Month, Just In Time For Netflix & Chill Season

The weather is getting crazier and there’s less and less reason to go outside. This is the time of year we commonly refer to as “fall” or “cuffing season.” Basically, it’s the three months before winter when you could go outside but you kind of don’t feel like it so you stay inside and watch bullshit and gain your winter weight instead. Maybe you trick seduce some poor sap into doing this with you, maybe you don’t. Either way, it’s kind of dope. To help commence your fall chill, here’s what’s new on Netflix this month so you can get a head start on your winter body. There’s a whole bunch of new shit coming that you don’t want to miss, from classic oldies to new shows, and here’s what we think you’ll like the best.

1. ‘Little Evil’

Adam Scott from Parks and Rec plays a guy who marries a woman with a kid who happens to be the antichrist. Funny, I thought that was my ex. This movie is a comedy spoof that’s exactly what it sounds like. We expect great things, mostly because we love Adam Scott, but also because we low-key love the devil. 

2. ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 4

This animated sitcom is dope and we’re happy it’s back. A show about a bunch of animals living in LA with Will Arnett (Arrested Development) playing BoJack, a man, who is also a horse. This is a chill show and easy very easy to binge on. If you haven’t caught up, congrats! You can waste an entire weekend of your life binge-watch past seasons, or like, honestly just start watching the new one. It’s a cartoon, you’ll catch on.

3. ‘Dead Poet’s Society’

The classic movie about a bunch of bros that learn from Robin Williams is a good way to look back on college when you miss it. This is a good one to watch if you want a low-key night or something to put on when you have a guy over and want to make him think you have good taste in movies.

4. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Live Action

If you didn’t catch this movie in theaters, we don’t blame you. It was probably just all right. But now that it’s on Netflix you might as well catch Emma Watson (featuring autotune) playing Belle and that one overhyped gay character everyone freaked TF out about. It’s Disney, so expect go be moderately entertained.

5. ‘Narcos’

If you haven’t been watching this show, you should get on it right now. It’s dark and gritty and makes us feel like we’re Julia Stiles in Save The Last Dance but with more drugs. Like, we’re going to the other side of the tracks but without the whole Juilliard thing.

6. ‘Jaws’

Nothing like a classic shark movie to remind you why you’re happy swimsuit season is over. This is a great cuddle-up-on-the-couch-with-hot-chocolate-and-bae movie, especially because you can grab him when the scaries happen, despite knowing when they all happen because you’ve both seen this movie multiple times. The good news is you won’t feel bad for missing any of it if things get a little steamy… actually, I take it back. If Jaws gets you hot and bothered, I’m calling the police.

7. ‘Portlandia’ Season 7

Sketch comedy show about hipsters in Portland makes us laugh, and you can turn it on and off while you’re cooking if you don’t feel like watching an entire episode. Because it’s broken up into sketches, it’s easy to jump into whenever you’re bored.