5 Sephora Limited Edition Gift Sets That Are So Amazing You'll End Up Buying Them For Yourself

I am that annoying af person who has been secretly playing Michael Bublé’s Christmas album since October. Is that really so bad of a crime? Fucking sue me. Now that Thanksgiving is literally in three days, I can freely belt out “Jingle Bell Rock” and dress as slutty Santa anytime I wish (only slightly kidding). On a real note, the whole reason we really love the holidays is because we know we’re getting everything we’re too cheap to buy for ourselves. While that is obviously true, I love giving amazing-ass gifts almost as much receiving them. Ugh, why do I like, want to be nice to someone for absolutely no reason? AM I GOING CRAZY? Just call me Oprah. Whatever the reason, I am always scoping out the best gifts to give every main betch in my life, and what betch isn’t obsessed with makeup and anything that provides #flawless skin? Well, I’ve recently discovered absolutely fab Sephora gift sets that include all this shit, and more. They’re all limited edition, so you basically have to buy them now or you’re SOL. I’m obsessed with all of them, but here are the top sets worth grabbing for yourself your mom, sister, or best friend to show them your true adoration.

1. SMASHBOX Drawn In. Decked out. Shadow + Highlighting Palette Set

Fuck a 2-in-1. A 3-in-1 sounds a million times better. This holiday set comes with three palettes: Spotlight, Cover Shot Ablaze, and Sultry. Together, you have three highlighter shades and 16 eyeshadow shades ranging from shimmery nudes, vampy darks, and vibrant warms. Wear alone, mix ‘em all together, or better yet, bring them all on your morning commute in case you need a touch-up at work.

2. Tarte Limited-Edition Artful Accessories Brush Set

First of all, when don’t you need new brushes? Everyone could always use new brushes since like, no one remembers to wash theirs anyway. The limited edition set features five different vegan brushes that come in a really effing cute gold brush holder. The set comes with cheek, complexion, highlighter, shading eyeshadow, and blending eyeshadow brushes. Each are full-sized, two-toned, and soft af.

3. Boscia Besties Kit

Anything from Boscia works miracles, so this is already amazing. The Insta-worthy collection comes with a charcoal exfoliating peel gel, hydrating moisturizer, brightening black mask, and cleansing gel. Each help cleanse your pores, remove fugly acne, and brighten your skin without over-drying. This is perfect for anyone who adores a good facial with several glasses of wine. So, like everyone you know, basically.

4. Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip

If Kim Kardashian taught us anything this year, it’s that Taylor Swift is a snake nude lips are the height of fashion. They’re also like, low-key hard to figure out. That’s why this gift set is perfect. It comes with a variety of different nudes, so you can find your perfect shade and start rocking that I-look-like-I’m-not-wearing-makeup-but-I’m-actually-wearing-so-much-makeup look, also referred to as “natural beauty.” As an added bonus, you can send a pic of this kit to any and all fuckboys who text you to “send nudes” and you’ll technically have done exactly what he asked. 

5. Benefit Cosmetics City Lights, Party Nights Set

This cute holiday themed set comes with everything you need for putting your face on on-the-go, or just really fucking quick. It features Benefit favorites that leave you with defined brows, Kylie-looking lips, long af lashes, and glowing cheeks. Each come in a custom, exclusive makeup bag you can totes throw in your purse for an easy, fast touch-ups anywhere you go.