Body Mists Are Back—And 'Love Spell' Is Still Standing Strong

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Picture this: it’s the early 2000s and you’re getting ready for school. After flat ironing the sh*t out of your hair and layering your Hollister polo with a lace tank (how cringe!), you reach for your favorite body mist—Victoria Secret’s Love Spell. While the days of early aughts fashion are (almost) gone, body mists are coming back in full force, with some throwback staples still standing strong. Apart from Love Spell which launched in 1999, you can still get your hands on Bath & Body Works’ iconic cucumber melon scent…remember that!?

Body mists a fantastic way to envelop yourself in a delightful fragrance without the intensity or heaviness of a traditional perfume. Perfect for daytime wear or a quick post-workout freshen-up, a quality body mist can become your signature scent. They’re lighter in concentration than perfumes, but packing a significant aromatic punch, body mists allow for generous application without overwhelming the senses. Plus, in today’s world they’re often infused with hydrating and skin-loving ingredients, so you can spritz your way to a deliciously scented and beautifully nourished skin. We can’t exactly say the same for the alcohol-packed formulas we were spritzing back in the day.

Choosing the best body mists can seem like a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. But don’t fret. Whether you’re a fan of florals, a sucker for sweet scents, or you lean towards the fresh and fruity, there’s a body mist out there that’s just right for you. Browse through some of the best body mists that you absolutely must try this summer. Prepare to be mist-ified. : Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist for Women, Perfume with Notes of Cherry Blossom and Fresh Peach Fragrance, Womens Body Spray, Seductive and Alluring Women's Fragrances - 250 ml /

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Cucumber Melon Fine Fragrance Mist | Bath & Body Works

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Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie