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All Of The Shit You Can Finally Afford Because It's Black Friday, Betches!

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Let’s be honest about something. The Black Friday deals on things that I buy on the regular are great. It’s kinda like finding an extra fry at the bottom of your McDonald’s bag after you’ve already eaten the rest of them. You weren’t expecting or needing it, but the fact that it’s there is a nice little bonus. The deals on the shit you can’t typically afford, though? That’s like reaching into the same McDonald’s bag and pulling out two Big Macs and three extra sides of fries. (Have I taken this McDonald’s analogy too far? I’m hungry.)

Now is the time to finally splurge on the shit you haven’t been able to afford the rest of the year. I’m talking a new mattress, linen sheets, a bigger television, that fucking robot vacuum you’re convinced will finally change you into a better, more organized person. So if you’re looking for the best deals on the most expensive, big-ticket items out there, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on for the best Black Friday deals on the shit you typically can’t afford.

A brand new mattress for your ~sloth girl time~

Olee Sleep Queen Mattress
 $149 (was $399.99)

The replacement for that AirPod you accidentally sent through the wash

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)
 $79.99 ($129)

You know what? Upgrade to the Pros — you deserve them

Apple AirPod Pro 2nd Gen
 $169 (was $249)

That NuFace your TikTok FYP won’t stop serving you

NuFace Mini+ Petite Facial Toning Device
 $187.50 (was $250)

An ultra-soft robe that’s cute enough to wear on a sweet treat run

Barefoot Dreams CozyChi Ultra Lite Robe
 $106.40 (was $152)

The perfect do-it-all tote you’ll be wearing forever

Longchamp Le Pilage City Medium Shoulder Tote Bag
 $157.50 (was $225)

A serious winter coat that is actually under $100

The ReNew Anorak
 $90 (was $128)

Almost 90% (!!!!) off these adorable hoops you’ll wear everywhere

Cate & Chloe Bianca 18k White Gold Earrings
 $14.99 (was $135)

Save over $250 on a robot vacuum which will make your life instantly easier

Shark IQ 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop
 $188 (was $449.99)

A fancy designer bag for under $100

Michael Kors Jet Set Shoulder Bag
 $93.60 (was $558)

A full cookware set for $65

Carote Nonstick Pots and Pans Set
 $64.99 (was $240)

40% off teeth whitening with over 28K reviews (and reviews don’t lie!)

Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips
 $29.99 (was $49.99)

Your new favorite skincare tool, which is buy one, get one

Solawave 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand & Activating Serum Kit

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Maria Del Russo
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