Armie Hammer Talks About That Whole Cannibal Thing, Plus Other Weekend Stories

Because we hope you spent your weekend not caring about anything other than what time happy hour starts, we’re bringing you our Pop Culture Roundup. Your one and only stop for the pop culture moments from this weekend that will get you through your mid-day Monday slump. It’s like cold brew for the soul.

Armie Hammer Breaks Silence Over That Whole Cannibal Thing

armie hammer

Over three years after Armie Hammer had the social media scandal and rape investigation, he’s speaking out about allegations of cannibalism made against him (a sentence so wild, it would send a Victorian child straight into a coma). During a episode of the Painful Lessons podcast, Armie said: “There were things that people were saying about me that just felt so outlandish, that I was a cannibal. Now, I’m able to sort of look at it with a sense of distance and perspective and be like. ‘That’s hilarious.’ People called me a cannibal and everyone believed them. They’re like, ‘Yep, that guy ate people.’ You’re just like, ‘What? What are you talking about? Do you know what you have to do to be a cannibal? You have to eat people. How am I going to be a cannibal?’ It was bizarre.” I believe bizarre is an understatement, sir.

Joe Alywn Opens Up About The Taylor Swift Breakup 

taylor swift and joe alwyn dating breakup
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In a recent interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Joe Alwyn actually talked about his breakup with Taylor Swift. When asked if he had listened to the album, he said: ““I would hope that anyone and everyone can empathize and understand the difficulties that come with the end of a long, loving, fully committed relationship of over six and a half years. That is a hard thing to navigate. What is unusual and abnormal in this situation is that, one week later, it’s suddenly in the public domain and the outside world is able to weigh in.” Ok, ya for sure! So did you listen to the album, or…?

Sabrina Carpenter Revealed If Taylor Cared About Her SKIMS Campaign

Sabrina Carpenter
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It must be hard when your best friend’s enemy asks you to be in a global campaign that will be seen by millions right as your career is peaking. Relatable? Not so much. But Sabrina Carpenter is finally giving insight into whether or not Taylor Swift cared that she modeled for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sabrina said it “didn’t cause her any grief with her friend, and she didn’t pay attention to online criticism she got for doing it.” She went on,“As much as people want to believe you’re tuned into every little thing, I’m not because I’m constantly working. In that scenario, I’ve been very, very communicative with her about that situation, and I just love her so much and support her till the end. So it was no weirdness for me, but I know people will just say things because that’s all they have time to do.” My petty self could never. Kudos to Tay.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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