Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Are Hooking Up Again

After last night’s big reveal that Andi has a message for Nick before he whittles his four unsuspecting victims—I mean, potential wives—down to three, I’ll be honest, I was pretty much expecting that to be the end of blasts from Bachelor past making the news this week. I mean, how many more shocking revelations can one fanbase handle?

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Au contraire, my friends. Speaking of Andi and her bad choices, Josh Murray (who actually won on Andi’s season and then was accused of being an emotional abuser in her book) and his ex, baby-voiced Amanda Stanton, were spotted kissing over the weekend. Cool.

Do you think Josh somehow knew that Andi was resurfacing in the cesspool that is the world of The Bachelor and didn’t want her to have the upper hand in the headlines? According to her book, he seems kind of manipulative enough to do just that.

Anyway, so the real question remains: Are Josh and Amanda getting back together?

So the kissing photo of the two was snapped on Saturday night, then, Amanda tweeted this on Sunday:

If that’s not a sub-tweet, I don’t know what is. I mean, she could be talking about something else, sure. But we all know if we’re going to sub-tweet about someone in a good way, it’s probably because we just made out with that person the night before.

Josh said Monday that was the first time he had seen Amanda in a while and they had a “good time”. Yeah, that’s the kind of shady shit all my guy friends say after they hook up with an ex. We see you, Josh.

Will they get back together for good? I mean, that’s TBD and I honestly hope not because he sounds like kind of a shitty guy. But maybe reuniting will keep them both off the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, giving us more screen time with Corinne and Chad. We can only hope, right? 

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