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All Of The Questions I Have After Watching The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Trailer

As soon as the season 11 Vanderpump Rules trailer dropped, I sent it to my two best friends. Two minutes and 25 seconds later, the texts came in: 

“I have fucking chills.” 

“Had to put it on my TV to watch again on a bigger screen.” 

“Did they say Scheana and Schwartz hooked up in Vegas?” 

“They are my life.” 

“Who is that chick Katie and Tom are both making out with?”

“They deserve the EMMY.”

“I’m twitching.”

Now that we’re collectively over the events of Scandoval, we’re ready for the aftermath. Show us what happens in Ariana and Tom’s (shared?) house! Please show us the side conversations with Lala and James! The new trailer gives us breadcrumbs while we wait for the entire sandwich. In the meantime, let’s review our unanswered Vanderpump Rules trailer questions.

  1. Who is Ariana’s new bf and will we get details on his story?
  2. Retweet @LisaVanderpump: “Why are they living together anyway? It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”
  3. James draws a line in the sand, but who is on whose side at this point?
  4. Why did Schwarz go platinum?
  5. Seriously, why?
  6. Will “creepy Jo” be around for a while?
  7. Who is our new pink-haired tip-of-the-love-triangle friend between Katie and Tom?
  10. How long ago was this?
  11. Did anyone know?
  12. How did this never get out?
  13. Is Brandi Glanville involved?
  14. Ew, why is Sandoval screaming on the floor with an eye mask and headphones on? It looks like a bootleg Ayahuasca journey.
  15. I feel like this is insinuating that Katie fucked Sandoval. Obviously, she’d never, but then who is Schwartz talking about when he says, “You literally fucked my best friend”?
  16. Is Sandoval still in love with Raquel?
  17. Does her blocking him really mean it’s over? Lmao.
  18. What do Tom and Ariana need lawyers for?
  19. Is she talking about her embryos?
  20. Does he WANT them?
  21. What made Lala throw that line in about Ariana??? “I’ve never experienced someone who gets cheated on, and somehow she becomes god.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres on Jan 30.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman is Betches' Entertainment Editor. She's a Kardashian historian, Real Housewives enthusiast, and Pete Davidson apologist.