Aidan Shaw Is Either The Kindest Or Dumbest Man Alive

The second season of And Just Like That premieres on June 22, and frankly, it doesn’t matter if you loved or hated the first season, you will be watching. Like me, you’ll disregard the fact you thought the first season was weird and awkward, and that they should have just said Samantha died (in a tragic deep-sea orgy accident, natch). But the main reason we’ll all be tuning in the second it drops on MAX is because Aidan Shaw is back, and we must know why.

Aiden and Carrie

Aidan was the only decent man Carrie ever dated, so of course, she generally treated him with the level of respect one might show a soiled Big Mac wrapper you accidentally step on on the subway. During the first go at their relationship, she casually lost his dog and then cheated on him. Despite all of this, Aidan was willing to give it another shot with the Tutu Wonder a few months later, proposing to Carrie and buying her apartment for her — a state of affairs that offended Carrie so deeply, she immediately dumped him. Even after all of that, Aidan was still so horned up for Carrie that when he ran into her in Abu Dhabi on a rug-buying expedition (as one does) in Sex and the City 2, he was willing to risk the family life he had built for himself by kissing her.

AJLT aiden and carrie

The only thing we know for sure is Aidan is either the kindest or dumbest man alive. But what is actually doing in that moment we see him standing, John Cusack in Say Anything-style, in front of Carrie’s apartment? Let’s examine our options.

  • He’s serving her with court papers due to a legal loophole in the contract she signed back when he bought her apartment, he is legally entitled to Big’s entire fortune, all Carrie’s future book earnings, and some of her more aesthetically intriguing hats.
  • He’s actually Jaidan, Aidan’s twin brother, here to report that Aidan died in a tragic rug-buying accident.
  • Carrie has experienced a lot of personal growth, and she’s finally ready to accept Aidan’s gentle, woodworking love, instead of only being able to get it wet for 1% business ghouls with skin the texture of a Honey Baked Ham (LEAST LIKELY OPTION!!).
  • He’s a cybernetic assassin sent from 200 years in the future to kill Carrie because she actually started the AI apocalypse that one time she forgot to back up her data (he and Carrie do still bone though).
  • It’s a dream sequence…actually, everything has been a dream sequence since 2001, because Carrie has been in a coma ever since she fell on the runway and got violently stomped on by Heidi Klum.
  • He’s actually been standing in front of her building for 13 years, and Carrie’s so self-absorbed, she only noticed now.
  • He’s there to investigate why he’s on the MILF list.
  • He was actually just taking the Sex and the City tour and kind of fell behind because he was looking for a bathroom and and… this is so awkward, but the rest of the group is at Magnolia already, so he kind of has to gooooooo…
  • He’s there because dating is hard, and it’s easier to sleep with your exes than it is to meet new people and hang around, waiting to find out what’s wrong with them.
  • He’s there because NYC real estate is really rough right now…setting the stage for their spin-off roommate comedy, They Still Bone Though
  • He is Pete the dog, dressed up in a super-expensive, ultra-realistic latex Aidan suit, and he is out for REVENGE!

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Gabrielle Moss
Gabrielle Moss
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