Jordan Rodgers' More Famous & Talented Bro Hasn't Talked To His Family In 2 Years

If you watched The Bachelorette and/or your bf makes you pretend to like football, you know who Aaron Rodgers is. If it’s the former, Aaron Rodgers is the older brother of Jordan Rodgers, the douchebag winner from Jojo’s season. If the latter, he’s like, a really really good professional football player. He was sketchily not involved in The Bachelorette when Jordan was on the show, but that could easily be because he’s actually talented and is embarrassed he’s related to a Bachelorette contestant (valid). But it turns out he has beef not just with Jordan, but with the entire Rodgers fam. Aaron hasn’t spoken to his whole family in two years, and his dad said it, so like, that’s shit is probs true because dads don’t lie.

Tell The Truth

The dad’s name is Ed—which is a classic dad name if I ever heard one—and he said the last time they talked to Aaron was in 2014, and he wouldn’t have chosen to air “public laundry” the way Jordan did. Lol, aka they wish he hadn’t blabbed about their family shit on national TV. How much does that suck for Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers? Aaron is clearly the favorite. I mean, when your two choices are an MVP/Super Bowl-winning quarterback and a dude who went on The Bachelorette one time, your decision is kinda made for you, amiright? And that’s the one who isn’t speaking to you. Bless their hearts.


Aaron’s response to this whole drama has more or less been, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

Tbh, doesn’t seem like this is gonna get better anytime soon. Especially now that dad is talking to the press about it. But here’s hoping. Mainly so Jordan can go back to being the black/less-successful-in-every-way sheep of the family. 

Jordan Rodgers