A Letter From The Betches Founders

Dear Betches (finally, we get to say that to all of you instead of the other way around),

When we started Betches in our college apartment ten years ago, we had no idea where it would lead us. We most definitely weren’t out to start a company, and we even had a whole debate over whether it was worth paying 15 extra dollars to remove .wordpress from the website’s URL. Of course we had no idea that spending our days together in an apartment, writing our opinions on when to text guys back, and trying to figure out how to turn our sense of humor into a business would evolve into 10 years of us sharing an office, growing Betches together. 

The decade milestone has given us a lot to reflect on, including what we believe, what we want to stand for, what makes us laugh (and cry) and what we want Betches to be over the next ten years. While the foundation of Betches will always remain the same — unapologetically honest and funny–we are going to evolve our brand in a few new ways, and we have you to thank. Yes, specifically you. Loyal readers and followers who have shared feedback, grown with us and have been with us for the ride since the beginning. I mean, you’ve literally been with us since the Instagram icon was brown. 

In case you’re new to Betches, here’s the deal. We’ve known each other longer than we’ve known pretty much anyone outside of our immediate families, and we’ve been in a business relationship with each other longer than any of us have been in relationships with our significant others. The Betches Media that you see today is the product of our extremely unique situation, plus a lot of hard work, creativity, honesty and some boring shit, like figuring out how to pay taxes and stuff.

We of course owe a special thanks to our Betches team, and all the individuals who have helped us grow Betches into what it is today. Your creativity and commitment is the core of what we are, and we are grateful for all of your contributions and for being with us for this wild ride. If it weren’t for you, we’d probably still be googling things like “what does LLC stand for?” We’d also like to thank the incredibly talented teams at The Working Assembly, a female & BIPOC owned branding & creative agency, and View Source Studio, who brought our vision of the new Betches that you see today to life. 

You can expect a few changes to Betches with this new evolution of our brand. Obviously, the colors and logos are different, fucking duh. The biggest change you will see is to, where we’ll be returning to our roots by integrating more of the satirical writing style that so many of you loved when we first started in said college apartment. We’ve also launched a brand new merch collection on and we also have a few exciting new podcasts coming out this year, including our Betches Moms podcast. Is there anything more full circle than going from popping champagne bottles to warming baby bottles? And, we will be introducing a few new Betches-related products in the coming year(s) that we are all really excited about. So keep following. 

It’s hard to describe how grateful we are to have built this community full of women who’ve laughed with us for so many years. It feels like we’ve been through everything together: multiple Bieber breakups, all the years it took to finally have a Black Bachelor, Jessica turning 35, even a global pandemic. Not only have we had so much fun making content for all of you, you’ve helped us learn so much about ourselves through your comments, DMs, podcast emails, and even meeting in person at our IRL meetups over the years. The truth is that you are a part of our story and we could never have done it without your support and knowing that you’ve all been behind us every step of the way. I mean, the only thing worse than posting a meme in the group chat that nobody reacts to is tweeting a joke that nobody RTs.

So we hope you’ll join us in a virtual toast to celebrate an incredible decade of Betches, and this community. We’re excited to continue to connect with you in this next decade, and bring you the laughs and honesty that brought us all together in the first place. 


Sami, Aleen, and Jordana

The Betches
The Betches
You can follow the Betches founders on instagram at @aleen, @sami, and @jordanaabraham.