7 Spring Shoe Trends For Under $50

As much as I’m not looking forward to regular $30 pedicures again, I’m definitely looking forward to sandals season. Although this winter hasn’t actually been that bad in terms of cold or snow, I’d still much rather be able to display my toes without risking frostbite. But until that happens (which is usually like, Memorial Day because the East coast can’t have nice things), I’ll just have to make do with buying sandals rather than wearing them. If you’re a person who keeps up with shoe trends, this spring and summer will bring a lot of fun styles. But if you’re also a person who doesn’t want to spend all their money on dramatic lace-ups that may not last until summer 2021, then read on, because I’ve found versions of what will be the hottest spring shoes for under $50.

1. Lace-Up Sandals

Pretty Little Thing Black Cylinder Heel Toe Ankle Tie Sandals, $45

The “cool” thing to do right now is to wear lace-up shoes all wrapped up around the bottom of your pants (as exemplified above). I know that this may be a bit bold for most people so, even if you’re not ready to go full fashion blogger-level with the lace-up trend yet, you can simply start by just getting yourself a cute pair of lace-up heels that pair well with everything, like these.

2. Citrine Colors

RAID Sidney Super Strappy Mid Heeled Sandals, $48

Last spring was all about over-the-top neon colors. This spring, we’re moving toward a more sophisticated but still bold color palette of citrine colors. It’s like the elevated grown-up version of the neon trend, that makes a statement without that statement being “I just bought tickets to Dayglow”.

3. Chain Details

Public Desire Treasure Black PU Chain Detail Heels, $49.99

Subtle everyday gold chains have become a staple among fashion bloggers all across Instagram. And now, the trend is also creeping its way into footwear for spring shoes. This trend is best done with an otherwise simple, understated outfit so you avoid looking cheap. As long as we’ve all agreed that we’re not doing actual anklets again, then I’m down with this anklet-adjacent trend.

4. Loafers

ASOS DESIGN Simba mid-heeled loafer, $44.50

I know everyone loves to hate on the grandpa loafer trend, but it’s back and bigger than ever for spring. Personally, I enjoy the trend, but I also enjoy a quality dad sneaker too. I guess I just love a chunky shoe named after typically non-stylish male family members, sue me.

5. Espadrilles

Free People Laurel Canyon Espadrille, $44.96

I’m always down for an espadrille. It’s very pampered-rich-girl-goes-casual-while-vacationing-in-Turks-and-Caicos kind of vibe, which I’m always trying to project, regardless of physical location or financial status.

6. Mary Janes

Lulu’s Laura Nude Suede Heels, $37

I can’t take this shoe trend seriously, mostly because it reminds me of costume shoes for theatre characters. That said, with an ankle strap and thick heel, these shoes are comfortable to walk in, and I can’t hate that.

7. Square Toe

Public Desire Harlow White PU Mules, $44.99

If you read my article from a few months back about Instagram trends that you can shop for less, then you’re already in the loop on the square toe trend. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing this style shoe and, if you failed to take my advice last article and order yourself a pair, well then, here’s your chance once again. You’ll just now be less of a trend-setter and more of a follower but like, not my problem.

I’m so ready to swap my UGG boots for some trendy spring shoes already. Realistically, I know I’ll still be stuck wearing my UGGs for at least the next month or two but hey, here’s to positive thinking.

Images: @dayinmydreams / Unsplash; Pretty Little Thing; Asos (2); Public Desire (2); Amazon; Lulu’s

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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