Denim Essentials You Need In Your Closet Right Now

By now, it’s as clear as day that this denim craze has really taken off. Everywhere I look, I see another article of clothing made out of denim—I’m just waiting to see denim underwear at this point. Apparently it’s socially acceptable to wear denim on denim, and then with some more denim. Who knew Britney and JT were such trendsetters? I mean, for fuck’s sake, every store has its own Denim Shop. The versatile material is emerging left and right in an assortment of colors and a variety of styles ranging from dresses to vests to overalls (because again, if it was cool in the 90s, it’s cool again).

This summer is all about dressing like you could be on the cover of Vogue just by wearing a distressed oversized sweater and some ragged denim shorts. With Bonnaroo this weekend, festival season is officially fully in swing. Perfect for any summer music festival or a night full of bar hopping, here are 7 denim pieces you should definitely strut (or stumble) in during summer nights.

1. A Cool AF Denim Jacket

I recently just found two denim jackets in my closet that I haven’t worn since middle school. Guess what? They still fit. And guess what else? I’m still going to fucking wear them. I guess that’s a perk of being 5’3” forever. This Shop Betches x Unemployed Denim Custom Vintage Denim Jacket is basically your new replacement for the stupid black leather jacket you wear all the time. Each vintage jacket is unique so two are never the same. Feel free to customize it with whatever embroidered message or patches you’d like to make it all about you.

Shop Betches Unemployed Denim Custom Jacket

2. Denim Shorts

I know you have denim shorts because like, no fucking shit. Add a raw, destroyed style like PRPS Goods & Co AMX Short to your collection to really bring out your IDGAF attitude. Dress them down for running errands or dress them up with a silk tank and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties.

PRPS Goods & Co AMX Short

3. Denim Overalls

Fashion trends are getting weirder by the day. First we’re back to wearing onesies, now overalls? Why is dressing like a toddler a thing right now? Someone please LMK. However, I have to say Kendall Jenner knows how to rock them best—as usual. If you’re into channeling your 8-year-old self, go for a light-washed cropped style like the Glamorous Dolores Park Light Wash Distressed Denim Overalls. When worn with your comfiest cropped T-shirt or lace bralette, you’ll look both skinny and effortlessly chic, which obviously are the most important traits in life. Use it as your next outfit for brunch Sunday morning.

Glamorous Dolores Park Light Wash Distressed Denim Overalls

4. Denim Dress

A fitted dress like the Vatanika High Zip Slit Mini Dress is made to define and enhance (any existing) voluptuous curves. Gold full-length zippers accentuate the sides, adding some street flair, and its spaghetti straps keep it caj (cas, cas’? Asking for a friend). Whatever, I’m trying to say casual in the cool way. Throw a denim jacket over this and pair with your Vans to look trendy AF.

Vatanika High Zip Slit Mini Dress

5. Denim Jeans

Since we all have at least one pair of denim jeans (that we never wear), the trend has escalated into being extra adding embroidery. Floral prints specifically add a feminine and flirty touch to any ordinary outfit. Find a fitted faded-wash style like these True Religion Halle Mid Rise Embroidered Skinny Jeans. Wear on those chilly summer nights with a cropped oversized sweater and block-heel sandals.

True Religion Jeans

6. Denim Skirt

Here’s some food for thought: Just buy a denim skirt, but with more denim on it such as this Topshop Colorblock Denim Miniskirt. Contrast with a light-colored blouse to keep it balanced. Pair with wedges for a bold, spirited look that tells people you’re like, really into fashion or something.

Topshop Colorblock Denim Miniskirt

7. Denim Shirt

Don’t get it twisted, it’s not the same as a denim jacket. Wear the Lovers + Friends Denim Shirt With Slogan Sleeve Detail alone over a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual, downtime look. Keep it open and wear your fave cami underneath, or keep it slightly unbuttoned because like, slutty duh.

Lovers + Friends Denim Shirt With Slogan Sleeve Detail