5 Trends That Look Good On Literally Everyone

Something I can’t stand is when people say, “oh yeah, that’s cute but I could never wear that.” I don’t believe in that. I think the most important thing when it comes to clothes is fit—as long as it fits in the correct spot, then regardless of your shape or size, you’ll look amazing. Like in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, there are clothing items that can fit anyone and everyone (though probably not the same exact item). Here are some of summer’s trendiest items that literally will look good in, and how to fit them.

1. High Waisted Jeans

I am so obsessed with high waisted everything right now, whether they’re skinny jeans or mom jeans. The key to wearing high waisted denim is making sure that the high waist part hits the smallest part of your waist and that the fabric isn’t clinging too tight to your lower stomach. This might be hard to find if you’ve got a long torso, but when in doubt, always size bigger. I carry my weight in my stomach, so I always have to size up if it’s going to hit my waist for the perfect fit. Also, try sitting down while trying them on, because your stomach will pooch out more. If you can’t breathe, size up. If you really can’t find a good fit, go a few sizes bigger and get them taken in to fit perfectly. The benefit of high waisted is that it’s basically like wearing Spanx: it holds everything in and you don’t have to worry about looking bad in an unflattering photo angle.

Modcloth Karaoke Seamstress Skinny Jeans in Black Wash

Slide View: 1: BDG Mom Jean - Vintage Wash

BDG Mom Jean – Vintage Wash

2. Bodysuits

Another super in-right-now trend for anyone and everyone is wearing a bodysuit. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and they are universally flattering (especially with your high waisted jeans). The downside is when you have to pee at the bar and you either have to take off all your clothes or you can’t get those little snaps to click back together because you’re drunk. Oh well. The key to pulling off a bodysuit is to make sure it fits perfectly—meaning, it should not be trying to give you camel toe or molest you in any way, it should not be a risk of exposing a nipple, and the straps should stay put without cutting into you. Bodysuits are a tricky fit since they hit so many areas, but finding the right size is totally worth it. Plus, they suck everything in for a seamless silhouette. Again, when in doubt, go bigger because only you can see the size label, but everyone can see how ill-fitting your clothing is. ALSO, you can just buy a chic one piece bathing suit and wear it as a bodysuit: two for the price of one, and you’re ready for any impromptu pool parties.


Forever 21 Plus Size Plunging Lace Bodysuit

3. Overalls

Overalls are sooooo trendy right now, and they also look good on everyone, including those poor pregnant bitches currently growing parasites babies. The fit varies from totally shapeless to tight and cropped, but like with all of these items, fit is so important. Fit your overalls based on the “pants” portion—not too tight in the crotch, not sagging in the ass (unless they’re completely oversize in which case, you’re good). THEN put on the top part and fit the straps. Most of these have adjustable straps, but if they’re sliding off or cutting into your shoulders, that is not cute and you need to size up. I love overalls since they’re such a statement outfit with minimal effort. You could wear them with T-shirts, your new bodysuit, or an off the shoulder top.

Main Image - City Chic 'Over It All' Distressed Denim Overalls (Plus Size)

City Chic ‘Over It All’ Distressed Denim Overalls

4. Off-The-Shoulder

SPEAKING of off the shoulder, this look is soooo popular rn and is flattering for anyone. You can do a top that has elastic around the shoulders and the rest is flowy, or something more fitted, something cropped, a dress—the possibilities are really endless. There are so many ways to find something you’re comfortable in that is still on trend. Just make sure your top is not cutting off your circulation, or so tight that you can’t put your arms up. That’s like the opposite of Randy from A Christmas Story, but just as traumatizing. On the other hand, it has to be tight enough so that you don’t accidentally give a free show while reaching for your skinny marg at happy hour. You need to plan (and charge) for that kind of shit.

Main Image - BP. Woven Stripe Off the Shoulder Top

BP. Woven Stripe Off the Shoulder Top

5. Matching Sets

A well fitting matching set is the best go-to outfit. I have this one I love from Forever 21, and it’s basically like pajamas. A matching set is any coordinating top and pant (or skirt, or shorts) combo, and the key to fit is making sure both parts hit in the right spot. If you’re going for a crop or high waisted, both items should fit at the smallest part of your waist, and please dear Lord, make sure you do not have camel toe. I do not need to see your labia, kthanks. Sidenote: Can someone explain to me why we can’t just have inclusive sizing for everything? Why are there separate plus-size and under-plus sections? This SAME OUTFIT comes in S-3X and I had to provide two links because it’s divided by the plus section. Let’s just have all the same shit in every size. Wtf is wrong with this?? /rant


Forever 21 Plus Size Glen Plaid Tube Top & Pants SetForever 21 Striped Glen Plaid Crop Top & Pants

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Images: Modcloth; Urban Outfitters; Nordstrom (2); Forever 21 (2)

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