5 Strapless Bras That Won't Fall Off Throughout The Day

I not only hate bras more than the average woman, but I especially loathe strapless bras. I mean, I think I speak for everyone here when I say they don’t actually do anything for a barely-there chest other than cover your nipples (if that). Like, hello, just because you’re strapless doesn’t mean I can’t have some motherfucking support and perkiness to fool everyone into thinking I’m two cup sizes bigger than I actually am. THEN, when I actually find a strapless bra I can tolerate, it stretches out after two minutes of wear and literally falls down to my hips. Now, before you blast me with feminist “free the nipple” comments—because yes, I know, it’s 2017 and we don’t actually have to wear bras to begin with—some of us (hi) aren’t cool with letting the nip hang out during adult-like such as my job, so therefore, a strapless bra becomes a necessity. Also, you can’t just wear a normal bra with straps under an off-the-shoulder-top. Otherwise:

Go Home Mean Girls

For the cooler temps and halter top weather to come, here are the best strapless bras that won’t fail you for once.

1. Harper Wilde The Flex

This is a non-bullshit bra from a non-bullshit company. From women who truly understand how annoying and ridiculously expensive bra shopping can be, Harper Wilde has created bras that fit our needs without the bullshit of lace, frills, and sharp sequins. The everyday strapless, The Flex, comes in neutral shades to layer underneath the most delicate tops. It features a no-slip seam, because bras are not belts, and has light padding to keep you lifted all day long.

The Flex Bra

2. La Perla Update Strapless Bra

This is basically a bandeau and bra rolled into one. It’s super lightweight and comfortable, so honestly, you may even forget you’re wearing it. The shades, nude or black, are each perfect for layering under light blouses. It comes with a secure underwire as well as molded cups and removable padding. Bless.

La Perla Bra

3. True&Co. Sylvia Strapless

There’s a reason why this bra is rated number one and known as one of the best strapless bras known to woman. It’s actually a multi-way bra, which if you’ve ever even stepped foot into Victoria’s Secret, you’d know that it comes with two straps, but both can be converted to fit whatever style top you’re wearing. Life-changing, I know. This bra is ultra light, seamless, and created to provide the most natural look from office #mood to happy hour shenanigans.

True&Co Bra

4. Body By Victoria’s Secret Multi-Way Bra

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, our fave underwear store also makes a great multi-way bra. The fully adjustable removable straps can be worn five different ways for the utmost comfort and support, regardless of the bodysuit or shoulder coverage your outfit provides (or doesn’t). It comes with a memory fit (designed for your tatas only) and lightly lined cups for max support. It comes in a shit ton of colors, including this pretty lace you can def get away with wearing as a bandeau.

Victoria's Secret Bra

5. Soma Enhancing Shape Strapless Push Up Bra

The contouring bra provides extra comfort and support for the most natural-looking, perky twins you could ever ask for. The “age-defying” bra assures your boobs will never sag for as long as you wear it. The seamless appearance eliminates under-shirt bulging and awk gaping between your skin and the bra itself. It stays put all day and will *finally* be the answer to all your strapless bra prayers.

Soma Bra