5 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks You Don't Have To Be A Beauty Blogger To Pull Off

Prepping for Halloween can be very stressful and tedious, which is probably why we avoid all Party City’s and Spirits until like, October 30th. Not only do we have to plan the perfect slutty costume and carefully map out which bars we’re hitting up, but we also have to take our Halloween makeup into consideration. Do we really want to watch YouTube tutorials until the end of time on how to apply fake lashes? No. And do we actually want to risk running around in public with half a skeleton face? Um, way too much fucking work for a night I’m trying not to remember. In effort to make both your life and Halloween planning a little easier, I’ve picked the perfect DIY makeup inspo to go with your basic slutty Halloween costume. These are easy enough to do without wasting hours of drinking time and require like, the minimal amount of effort possible.

1. Pennywise/‘It’ Clown

Like you, I also thought everyone was over the creepy pedophile clown hysteria, but thanks to Stephen fucking King (no, really, thanks a lot, asshole), we’ll be seeing a ton of clowns this Halloween just waiting to scare the shit out of us. If you’re into making this “sexy clown” trend a thing, the makeup is super simple. First, find a deep cherry red eyeshadow to shade your eyes with, especially underneath your waterline. Wing the fuck out of your blackest liquid eyeliner (duh) and put on like, 20 layers of bomb mascara. Lastly, with a dark reddish lip color like MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in carnivorous (how fitting) or Betches x Winky Lux Happy Pill, rub on your lips, shade in your nose, and draw a massive U on your face, pointing the tips above your eyes.

2. A Mouse, Fucking Duh

Since your definition of a costume is obviously our totally fetch I’m A Mouse Duh Oversized T-Shirt Dress, your commitment to going above and beyond this Halloween is def slim to none. We’re like, way too cool to be zombie ex-wives anyway. Instead of wearing a dramatic costume, you can totes go big on your makeup for a major wow effect. For the perfect makeup to go along with your animal ears, use a combo of a shimmery light gray, matte gray, and black eyeshadow for a killer smokey eye. Be sure to use a super light color for the inner eye and line in black liquid liner. After mascara, prep your lips in a bold black or an equally dark alternative like the Betches x Winky Lux Crazy Pill that won’t potentially drive away any chances of hooking up with someone. With a fine tip, give yourself a cute nose and small whiskers.

3. A Thotty Snapchat Filter

If you overuse the basic Snapchat filter too much for your own good, you may as well wear it out on the one night you can actually get away with doing so. Whether you’re aiming for the puppy, cat, or deer, the animal faces are literally so easy to replicate. Unfortunately, you will have to get some dreaded face paint, but it’s so minimal that you won’t make your face look like a 5-year-old’s arts project. After concealer and foundation, create some sort of upside down crescent on your forehead. Lightly shade brown paint in, creating a blended look and use the same shade to apply barely-there circles on your cheeks. On your forehead, give yourself some white freckles and to finish, shade your nose in black. For your lips, go with something a little more natural looking like the Betches x Winky Lux Chill Pill. Go forth and thot, Bambi.

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the baddest bitch of them all (after Bey, ofc) and she’s a princess too, so that only makes her a million times better. No wonder why we’re all trying to be slutty versions of her and appear as though we know one fucking thing about comics this Halloween. Pop art is surprisingly easy AF to do on yourself, so all you’ll need is a good set of falsies, black and white liquid liners, gold and maroon eyeshadows, and Kylie’s Mary Jo K lip kit. If I’m being blunt, you’re outlining all of the areas where you’d potentially want Botox done in black liquid liner. In white, accentuate the areas that really draw attention (inner eye, nose, and mouth). Create a golden ombre eye and add a fab true red lip.

5. Mermaid

This one looks the most difficult, but I assure you it’s not. It just involves wearing fishnet tights over your head. Casual. For a glittery mermaid look, you’ll need a pair of fishnets to throw over your head for like, fish scales and shit. While wearing, brush lavender powder along your forehead and cheekbones. OK, now remove the tights. Highlight your eyebrow arches, cheeks, and nose with sparkly shit to really make them pop. Shade your eyes in a dark pale pink shadow and wear your best fake lashes. Feel free to dot your face randomly with small gems and lastly, apply the chic limited edition Betches x Winky Lux Chill Pill matte lipstick. Plus, it comes with a galactic glittery lip balm that you never knew you needed for this holiday’s shit show.