Get In Loser, We're Having A Black Friday Sale

Anyone who doesn’t participate in Black Friday is seriously disturbed. That’s why Shop Betches is having an amaaaaze sale because like, not having a sale on Black Friday is social suicide. Here are the deets: You have from Friday 11/24 (so like, today) through Sunday 11/26 at 11:59pm to stock up on all our best shit at 25% off (some exclusions apply). I know. Take a minute. Breathe. All you need to do is enter code ISTURKEYACARB17 at checkout and you’ll be able to shop our sale before getting fucked up with all of your hometown friends and making out with some guy whose name you only kind-of remember. Or, hey, you could shop the sale *while* you’re out with your friends, forget everything you bought, and get a nice surprise delivered to your door a few days later. We don’t call it Blackout Friday for nothing.

Overwhelmed by all the shit that’s on sale and need some shopping inspo? We gotchu.

You’re An Angry Elf Mug

I mean, there is literally no better way to start off you’re morning than 1) drinking coffee, 2) quoting Elf, the greatest Christmas movie of all time, and 3) using your drink ware to make a subtle dig at your one coworker/roommate/boyfriend/mom who is always a bitch in the morning. Need I say more?

I Came, I Saw, I Left Early Hat

Let people know exactly what you’re about with this hat that throws as much shade as it gives. Wear it to any and all occasions so people can’t act all surprised and offended when you dip after the open bar is closed.

Holiblaze Candle

First of all, this candle smells like apple pie, so like, if that doesn’t make your decision for you IDK what will. Second of all, look how fucking chic it is. Candles add +10k classy points to any room they’re in. Everyone who comes over and sees it will be like, wait, did [your name] get her shit together? 

So yeah, head tf over to and shop the sale NOW!