12 White Outfit Options For Your Bridal Shower

Working in retail, I’m constantly bombarded by frantic brides amidst their seemingly never-ending search for that ~perfect~ bridal shower dress. It’s a tough journey to embark on, but I selflessly join them because nothing is more satisfying than seeing that twinkle in her eye and giant grin across her face when she finally does find her dream bridal shower dress, and I was the one who helped her do so. Okay, maybe it’s not that selfless after all now that I’m saying it out loud. But anyway, finding the perfect bridal shower dress is no easy feat. These stressed out brides-to-be are consistently the pickiest and hardest to please customers that I encounter. They have this idealized picture in their head of the perfect outfit, and refuse to settle for anything less. And of course, my job in all of this is ensuring they don’t have to settle.

All that being said, in order to help relieve those of you on the aforementioned treacherous journey and, more importantly, relieve your poor mother who has been to every store in the tri-state area with you, I’m here to share my wisdom regarding bridal shower outfits. You know, so you don’t have to get to the point where you’re that 30-year-old grown-ass woman yelling at her mother in the fitting rooms. Oh, trust me, it happens…and it happens way more often than you would probably think. Check out these bridal shower dress options.

Classic White Mini Dress

Trudy Embroidered Floral Dress, $198

BEC&BRIDGE Ze’bre Sleeve Dress, $370

Amanda Uprichard Topanga Mini Dress, $216

Now, your bridal shower ensemble should reflect the same mood/vibe of your future wedding, while also remaining seasonally appropriate. If you read my previous article on rehearsal dinner recommendations, it’s basically the same spiel. You’ve got to stick to a theme and embrace it. Plus, think about how much better your Insta grid will look if all your wedding event photos are consistent, just saying. Anyway, you really can’t go wrong with a classic and cute white mini dress. To quote big-time magazine editor Jenna Rink, it’s the epitome of “thirty, flirty, and thriving.” And, before you freak out on me, even if you’re not actually 30 yet you still get my point. It’s that cute, I-got-my-sh*t-together vibe that we all strive for in life, and you, in particular, strive to emulate at your bridal shower.

White Jumpsuit

BB Dakota Just One Look Jumpsuit, $84.99

Gabri Jumpsuit, $335

Reformation Fay Jumpsuit, $198

Honestly, who doesn’t love a great jumpsuit? It’s an easy outfit option that you can actually function in. Of course, I’ve never actually been to a bridal shower, so not exactly sure how much mobility they require, but it’s always nice to not be constricted in a form fitting body-con. Plus, you can easily re-wear a jumpsuit. Knowing that you can actually rewear the jumpsuit post-shower should help you justify the purchase.

White Maxi/Midi Dress

Reformation Butterfly Dress $278

Astrid Dress, $538

Cinq a Sept Dakota Dress, $395

If you’re going for a more conservative look, I suggest opting for a midi or maxi dress. Yes, it’s kind of an extra option, but you wouldn’t want to offend your judge-y grandmother with a shorty-short romper, so just go with that as your excuse for being extra. You’re not extra, you’re just respecting your elders! But, if you would rather wear a romper, see below…

White Romper

Amanda Uprichard Gimlet Romper, $216

NBD Warren Romper, $94

Alice + Olivia Sicily Halter Neck Romper, $285

The romper is the more casual sister to the jumpsuit. It makes for a complete and easy outfit that also, ideally, has the added benefit of pockets. You’ll need those pockets to store your Xanax and travel-size vodka bottles for when your mother-in-law starts driving you mad or for when you go into a full mental breakdown over all this wedding planning. At least you can chill knowing your bridal shower dress is taken care of.

At the very least, I hope I gave you some guidance in regards to your potential bridal shower dress or outfit. At the end of the day, you want to pick whatever you feel the best in and something that gives you undeniable confidence, even without liquid courage. Ideally, you’ll only be having this party once, so get yourself a great outfit and have the time of your life, complete with mimosa in hand.

Images: gbarkz / Unsplash; Anthropologie; Revolve (5); South Moon Under (2); Free People (4); Nordstrom; Reformation (2)
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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