Which Famous British Singer Is Street Artist Bambi?

Some of you may have heard of Bambi but those who haven't, no we aren't talking about the little deer with weak knees, were talking about a bad ass betch. She is the female Banksy creating amazing street art that has themes of feminism, political satire, and pop culture.

Kanye gifted Kim with a portrait of her from behind wearing nothing but a thong and Louboutins (could we get a more stereotypical wedding present) done by Bambi. Oh I forgot to mention the piece is titled “Perfect Bitch.”

Bambi has also done personal portraits for other celebs such as one of Cara Delevingne as a present from her gf (that girl from Blue Crush), which was then returned to Bambi when they broke up…awk.

Bambi also did a portrait of Justin Bieber that Brad Pitt bought for his son, does this make anyone else uncomfortable? Brad also bought a portrait of Prince William for $100,000, sorry Angie but I think Bradley is trying to tell you something…

Even the fabulous betches Rihanna and Kate Moss have personal portraits from Bambi.

Sadly this betch is as hard to find as A. There are rumors that she is a celebrity and that is why she is staying undercover yet has so many celebrity connections. Her agent has released a statement that she is indeed a famous singer from London which has led people to speculate that she is either Adele, Victoria Beckham, or M.I.A. We don't think it's possible for someone to have that many talents so we have pulled Adele out of the running. Now on to the less talented…although all the Spice Girl turned housewife has on her hands is time we still don't think it's very likely Victoria Beckham is running around in the middle of the night with stilettos and pursed lips painting meaningful street art. As for the artist M.I.A. we believe this is the most legitimate bet because hello we already don't know her name, we literally know her as M.I.A. or that one chick who sang Paper Planes.

One thing we know for sure is that Bambi is one talented betch and we look forward to more of her street. And maybe in the meantime ABC family can make a Pretty Little Street Artist show about her and we'll still NOT find out who she really is after years of a nonsensical run-around. 


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