Dina Lohan Is Starting A Podcast

Apparently, quarantine has gotten so bleak that Amazon is out of podcast mics. Everyone from your sh*tty ex who lives in Bushwick to D-list reality stars to actual celebrities are jumping on the podcast bandwagon, for better or for worse. And now, we can add one more into the mix. The latest celebrity to get in on the podcast game is none other than Dina Lohan, and honestly, while I didn’t see that one coming, I’m kind of impressed. I still can’t even get my parents to understand what a podcast is—and yes, I have tried the analogy that it’s basically just a radio show, and it does not click.

Anyway, Dina Lohan’s podcast will be called Listen To Me, OG Mama D (oof, that name) and according to Page Sixwill “touch on pop culture, domestic violence, mental health” and also “set the record straight about tabloid celebrity gossip.” I’m assuming and hoping that will mean Dina will explain the clusterf*ck that was her housing her ex-husband’s wife, because that sounded like the craziest episode of Sister Wives ever. It’s not immediately clear if Dina will talk about Lindsay, but she will talk about “managing children in Hollywood”, so even if she doesn’t spill all the tea, it’s probably going to come up. I would love an entire episode rehashing the story behind Lindsay’s iconic photo with Paris and Britney, but that might just be a pipe dream. Honestly, celebrity gossip just isn’t what it used to be.

Co-hosting the podcast is former Princesses: Long Island cast member and comedian Chanel Omari, who might seem like a random choice, but Dina told Betches, “I chose Chanel because I’ve known Chanel forever.” She added, “She was Lindsay’s assistant and then mine. I had the pleasure of being on her podcast (Chanel in the City) which she did a wonderful job with, and I thought she would be a best fit.”

Chanel told us that Listen To Me, OG Mama D will also talk about “single parenting, dating, cyber bullying,” and of course, “how the pandemic has brought people together through virtual dating and how COVID-19 has affected their lives.” She explained, “We wanted to be a safe space for people to come and chat with Dina and myself on challenging things happening to us in life and how to cope with it.”

While there is no exact date for the launch of the podcast, Chanel told Betches that they’re planning on launching in the next few weeks on Spotify and iTunes: “We don’t have an exact date yet, but it’s definitely happening.”
Image: Geoffrey Nurse
10 LGBT Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

The podcast epiphany is a pivotal moment in every young liberal elite professional’s life. This is the realization, usually incited by finally succumbing to the peer pressure to listen to the latest true crime podcast everyone is discussing in the group text, when you realize that you do not have to sit in silent boredom while working your inevitably soul crushing job at whatever start-up or creative agency is currently employing you to eat free snacks and fill out google spreadsheets. Instead, you can listen to the dulcet tones of people on the internet discussing literally any topic you can think of, from conspiracy theories about D-List celebrities to conspiracy theories about the moon landing (it may or may not have been a huge fraud). Or the news, if you feel like bursting into tears at your desk.  

You probably already have a healthy library of podcasts in your arsenal, but let’s be real, you probably have not taken out your headphones to speak to your coworkers outside of your walk to Sweetgreen in months. What I’m getting at is that you can add a few new podcasts to your rotation. In this vein, and in honor of June being pride month, we’ve rounded up our favorite podcasts by, for, and about the queer community.


10-8. Gay History Podcasts

Mainstream historical narratives are rife with the erasure of queer stories and figures, so let’s start with a few podcasts reversing this trend. History is Gay highlights previously ignored stories of gay changemakers. This podcast has told the stories of a gay, Jewish, communal sexologist persecuted during the Holocaust and black lesbian contributors to the Harlem Renaissance. Making Gay History mines archival interviews for first person testimonials by integral figures in queer history including Debra Johnson and Zandra Rolon (the couple whose discrimination case set an important precedent), Perry Watkins (a US military veteran who fought back against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), and Sylvia Rivera (a participant in the historic Stonewall uprisings). Similarly, Making Queer History tells the stories of important figures in gay history. Recent episodes told the history of queer media and Native American paradigms of gender. See how much you just learned? Imagine how knowledgeable you will be after actually listening to the episodes.

7. Dumb Gay Politics

As you may have noticed, our fucking country is falling apart and it is no longer cute to not know what’s going on politically. Hence, your favorite news site and podcast, our very own the Sup. If you are in the market for another place to get your news with a dose of sarcasm, check out Dumb, Gay, Politics. This podcast self-describes as one gay and one dumbass recapping US political news, usually while drunk.

6. Gay Pop Culture

Not to play into stereotypes, but we at betches love listening to gay guys talk about pop culture. Homophilia features two gay guys interrogating gay celebrities about their love lives. Recent guests have included Lena Waithe and our favorite LiLo ex Samantha Ronson.

5. Nancy

From WNYC, the radio station bringing you amazing podcasts like On the Media and Trump Inc. (a personal favorite investigative series on shady Trump family business endeavors), this podcast stars besties Kathy Tu and Tobin Low being honest as fuck while discussing the lived experience of being LGBTQ today. Recently covered topics include sex toys, whether Dumbledore was gay, and being out (or not) at work.

4. The Heart

This podcast literally changed my life. It’s honestly not a podcast, it is an award-winning series of standalone audio art projects, focused on the human experience of intimacy. From the stories of the black queer communities fostering the  underground house music scene in Seattle to the complicated politics of saying no, every one of the Heart’s episodes might make you cry.

3. Food for Thot

It might seem impossible, but this podcast actually is as fun as its title. Hosted by a variety of multiracial queer writers (as indicated by the variously hued peach emojis in their logo), topics range from sex and relationships to what these smart people are currently reading, which you probably should be too. This podcast definitely provides ample food for thought – a recent episode ran the gamut of terrifying things facing queer communities in 2018, from HIV to  ghosting.

2. Queery With Carmen Esposito

Standup comedian Carmen Esposito interviews queer luminaries, asking them about everything from their personal lives to notions of sexuality today. She’s interviewed Roxane Gay, Lena Waithe, and Jill Soloway, to name a few.

1. Everyone’s Gay

Obviously, we have to close this list with our very own gay podcast. Because it’s 2018 and literally everyone is at least a little bit gay, our hosts Chris Burns and Bryan Russell Smith get honest as fuck about gay sex, dating, lifestyle, and pop culture. We don’t skimp on guests, starting with Them. editor in chief Phillip Picardi dropping in on our very first episode. We can’t promise you won’t awkwardly laugh out loud in your silent office, sorry.

Listen to a few of these and you can actually spew info about relevant topics while you’re blackout at the pride parade on Sunday.

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The 7 Best Relationship Podcasts & Books For Single People

So, unfortunately, we’ve all been there before: stuck on a fuckboy you think you’ll never get over, even though in reality they treat you like shit. And not to get super emo, but that’s exactly where I found myself two months ago – trying to get over a situationship I dealt with for three-plus years too long with a guy who sucked (in life and in bed). And for the record: yes, I have plenty of (very patient and amazing) friends that lovingly told me for the duration of the relationship that I needed to move on and listened to me every time I had something to whine about. (Like the time he ditched me the night of my birthday or about the time I found out that he went out on a date with another girl before spending the night at my apartment, LOL.) But this was one of those things that I needed to decide to get over on my own terms, and while I’ve never been much of a reader, when I did finally decide to move on from that fuckboy, I turned to the gems on this list to help me not only move on, but change my outlook on life (and relationships). I swear the following list of dating advice podcasts and books will change your life and your mindset, no matter what you’re going through.


‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne

So I have to give credit where credit is due with this one—a good friend of mine would suggest copping this book every time I spoke to her (over chips, guac, and countless margs, of course) about my issues with Fuckboy. And one day, after a FaceTime sesh while she was visiting her mom who also spoke highly of the The Secret, I decided to give it a read, and I’m so glad I did. While this book at times can seem a little repetitive and read a little cult-like, it played a big role in changing my attitude and the way I think about things. Basically, the book talks about “the secret to life” aka how the law of attraction is very real and plays a major role in manifesting anything you could ever want in love, relationships, health, wealth, and life in general. It convinces you that if you think and speak positively and are grateful for everything you already have, then you send frequencies into the universe to attract even more #blessings. That sounds a little woo-woo, I know, but at its core, The Secret advocates for positive thinking, which has been scientifically proven to improve outcomes. But don’t just take my word for it, people like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah have been talked about using the secret to life, so considering their success, maybe we should all give it a try.

the secret by rhonda byrne, books to get you over a breakup

‘Strong Looks Better Naked’ by Khloé Kardashian

Considering I read Koko’s book literally the week before Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on her, the first thing I thought when hearing the news was, “Omg, I hope she writes another book now.” Whatever, call me selfish, but this book was good—I mean, she didn’t get the deal for Revenge Body for nothing. (I mean, I guess Kris probably had a lot to do with it, but whatever, you know what I mean.) While the youngest Kardashian sister isn’t exactly the most eloquent writer, the book reads almost like you’re talking to your (super rich and famous) blunt BFF. Khloé shares how she was always known as the fat, funny sister growing up (same, tbh) and when shit hit the fan in her personal life, aka finding out Lamar Odom was addicted to crack, she used all of that negative energy to train her mind, body, and soul to become the best version of herself (and get super fucking hot in the process).

strong looks better naked, by khloe kardashian, books to get you over a breakup

Unfuck Yourself’ by Gary John Bishop

If you respond well to tough love, then Gary John Bishop is your guy. In Unfuck Yourself, the personal development expert tells you how to get the fuck out of your head and start living your life. The author perfectly targets the anxiety-ridden reader who has a habit of creating the shittiest situations in their heads and consequently ruins their own lives by letting those thoughts consume them. (Just me, then??) Whether you’re trying to get over a fuckboy or trying to talk yourself off the ledge from over-analyzing a text message, do yourself a favor and turn to your boy Gary so you can unfuck yourself.

unfuck yourself by gary john bishop, books to get you over a breakup

‘How To Be Single And Happy’ by Jennifer L. Taitz

If you’re a delicate fucking flower who needs things to be told to you a little more gently, Dr. Jenny Taitz’s How To Be Single And Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking For A Soul Mate should be your go-to. Using a mix of patient and personal anecdotes combined with scientific studies, she helps explain many modern dating phenomena (like ghosting) and really demonstrate that life does not start when you find a boyfriend. (Don’t roll your eyes, we all have that friend.) Dr. Taitz’s book will help you find your sense of self and independence, told in a palatable tone that makes the advice easy to swallow. It’s basically like what your therapist would tell you, without the crazy copay.

How To Be Single And Happy


U Up?

Our list wouldn’t be complete without featuring Betches’ U Up? podcasts featuring our resident go-to straight guy, Jared Freid. In the weekly podcast, the comedian talks with our founder Jordana Abraham about any and everything related to the shitstorm that is the modern dating world. From the douchebags we find on dating apps to questions you need answered regarding hooking up to (my personal fave) the reason guys comment on Instagram thots’ pics,  no topic is off-limits. Jared and Jordana won’t hold your hand and wipe your tears after getting in a fight with your guy, but they will answer all of the questions about dating and hooking up that you didn’t know you needed answered.

Guys We F****d

In the Guys We F****d podcast, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson basically play a totally acceptable version of kiss-and-tell, except it’s more of like a fuck and then interview the guy/tell their listeners all about their experience. The comedians and friends that makeup the stand-up duo Sorry About Last Night ask the guys that they’ve fucked totally intrusive questions about their time together—questions you’ve probably always wanted to ask the men in your life but were too afraid to ask. This podcast will give you insight to the inner workings of a man’s brain while simultaneously making you silent laugh.

The Success Series

Listening to Dr. Eric Thomas speak is kind of like listening to your friend’s  military dad preach to you about how life is all about working hard and not taking anyone’s bullshit. The motivational speaker has 125 episodes and counting, and no matter which one you listen to, the man is bound to inspire you to get off your ass and get your shit together by the end of his speech. (I listen to his episodes while I’m on the StairMaster at the gym, if that’s any indication). Eric will kick your ass when you need it and will tell you real stories of people who turned their lives around and how you can do the same because your life is yours for the taking.

Images: Amazon (4)


Here’s What To Put In Your Nuclear Survival Bag

After realizing that simply too much news was happening, the Sup decided to start a second weekly podcast. Tuesday’s rendition will star Bryan Russell Smith and Alise Morales (who also appears on the Thursday Sup too). They talk about a sex cult that’s nested in an MLM, Kanye’s latest tweet storm, and Mike Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of state. They also discuss Barbara Bush’ funeral, and a picture of Obama and Melania smiling. Don’t miss the portion on what Bryan and Alise would put in their nuclear survival bags.

Is James Comey Shady Or Nah?

Alise and Sami talk about Joe Biden (Sami just saw him), the golden days of Sarah Palin, and Cuba’s new president. After they move on to Syria, where we have entered into yet another “constant, undeclared war,” and have their first disagreement over how to feel about James Comey. Don’t miss “One more thing” to learn more about The Sup’s awesome new sticker giveaway.

These Are Dorinda Medley’s Thoughts On Hillary Clinton

Sami and Alise discuss the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation, Zuckerberg’s non-apology, and debut their new blackout campaign. They also break down Putin’s election “win” and do a roundup of Trump’s legal troubles (both Russian and non-Russian). Finally, Alise debuts her new beret and the girls interview Real Housewife and personal friend of Hillary Clinton, Dorinda Medley.

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Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent On Feminism

If you’re not already listening to The Sup Live podcast, do you even news? This week, Betches Co-Founder Sami Fishbein and News & Politics Editor Alise Morales start off talking about the latest update regarding the Russia investigation (which Sami lives for). There’s a new indictment against a hot Dutch guy who lied to investigators- oh and his father-in-law is a Russian oligarch. After, in light of the Parkland shooting and the 2016 election results, they call Facebook out as an irresponsible distributor of fake news, Russian propaganda memes, and a general source of unhappiness. Lastly, they interview the feminist voice of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent.

Come for the news, stay for the Lala. You can listen to the whole podcast here. Ameezing.

Heads up, you need to keep up with the news. It’s not cute anymore. That’s why we’ve created a 5x weekly newsletter called The ‘Sup that will explain all the news of the week in a hilarious af way. Because if we weren’t laughing, we’d be crying. Sign up for The ‘Sup now!

5 Political Podcasts That Will Make You Like, Really Smart

You’ve probably heard someone start a sentence with, “So, I’ve been listening to this podcast…” and immediately wanted to punch them in their pretentious face. We get it. And we hate to do this to you, but we’ve been listening to these political podcasts…and they’re like, really good.

Political podcasts are a great way to stay informed, get your news while you’re on the go, and prevent anyone from trying to talk to you because you have headphones in. A real win-win-win. Plus, it’s 2018 and there’s a lot of shit to keep up with and it’s not cute to be like, “I just don’t really care about politics lol” anymore. How many times do we have to tell you this?

Here’s a list of our fave political podcasts that we use to keep up with the fuckery-fest that is our news cycle. Yes, these are all left-leaning so like, if that’s not what you want then…maybe you should try Sears? For the rest of you – listen, subscribe, you’re welcome. 

Pod Save America

You’ve probably at least heard of this one unless you’ve been living under a dumb rock. If you haven’t, get out from under that dumb rock and check out this podcast. It’s hosted by four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor. They’re all v smart, v funny, and honestly, p cute. They bring on a variety of guests and discuss the news and American politics, all in a very accessible and entertaining way. Plus they shit on Trump a lot. Like, a lot a lot. So, we’re in.

Slate’s Trumpcast

This podcast attempts to answer the question: WTF is wrong with our president and why TF is this happening to us? It chronicles the rise of the Trump presidency and his current administration and explores how this nightmare came to be. I think we all deserve an explanation, and this podcast sets out to give us one. It’s hosted by Jacob Weisberg, chairman of Slate, along with Slate chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie, and writers Virginia Heffernan and Josh King. Can’t say I know who they are but they sound v important.

Lovett or Leave It

Remember Jon Lovett from Pod Save America? We just talked about him two paragraphs up, keep up. Well, this podcast is like his Beyoncé moment where he goes solo. It also tackles politics and the news, but has more segments and lots of fun n’ flirty games. He’s on tour right now doing some live shows, which you can check out here.

State of the Union With Jake Tapper

If there’s one thing the end of America’s dignity Trump Presidency has done for me, it’s make me realize Jake Tapper is the sex icon I never knew I was missing. Have you seen his interview where he completely shuts down human tape worm Stephen Miller? It’s the hottest effing thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway, this podcast is like his show on CNN, but it’s a podcast. You get it. Anything that involves more Jake Tapper sounds good to me.

Honorable Mention: The Sup Live

Okay, if you don’t know about this I don’t even know what to tell you. Actually, I do: WATCH. IT. The Sup Live is The Betches Sup’s live show where News & Politics Editor Alise Morales and Betches Co-founder Sami Fishbein go over the news from the week and usually end up chugging some sort of alcoholic beverage at 1:30pm on a Thursday. It’s incred. Is it a podcast? Technically, no. Is it everything you’ve ever hoped and dreamed of and more, and you will die filled with regret if you don’t tune in? Literally, yes. It’s every Thursday at 1:30pm EST on our Facebook page. Come cry about the news with us.

Click above to watch the latest episode and be sure to follow the Betches Sup Facebook page so you don’t miss the next episode.

Heads up, you need to keep up with the news. It’s not cute anymore. That’s why we’ve created a 5x weekly newsletter called The ‘Sup that will explain all the news of the week in a hilarious af way. Because if we weren’t laughing, we’d be crying. Sign up for The ‘Sup now!