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Trust Me, Here Are The Best Pregnancy Sex Positions For Every Trimester

There are a lot of questions one has when they find themselves staring down at a positive pregnancy test, the most important of which is: Will having sex poke my baby’s brain? (Also: Will my vagina ever be the same… but that’s for another day)

The good news? While it’s typically safe to get it on while you’re growing a human, how you have sex is likely going to vary depending on how far along you are. In fact, the best pregnancy sex positions for every trimester range so much that we’ve made a handy cheat sheet for you to review below. I know — we’re like, so nice.

Real quick, though: As mentioned, in most cases, it’s A-Okay to get it on/in while you’re ~with child.~ That said, Carol Queen, PhD, the in-house sexologist at Good Vibes, previously told Betches you should *always* get approval from your doctor before doing the dirty and have a good understanding of what you are (and aren’t!) cleared to do. Is penetration okay? Orgasms without insertion? Nothing at all? Sure, it’ll be an awkward convo with your OBGYN, but they’re gonna be headfirst in your bush for 9+ months, so, like, it’s fine.

The catch is that just because you’re allowed to have sex, you might find yourself rethinking the logistics as your belly grows and your hormones spike. 

From the “this feels like the worst hangover of my life” first trimester to the “I remember when I used to be able to see my toes” third, here’s a trimester-to-trimester guide to the best sex positions that’ll keep things steamy, even as your due date looms.

The Best Pregnancy Sex Positions For Every Trimester

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First Trimester Sex Positions

The thing about having sex during your first trimester is chances are that you’ll absolutely not want to have sex during your first trimester. Between the sore boobs, all-day morning sickness, and general aversion to pretty much everything, hooking up might not be at the top of your list. If you do happen to have a random moment of horniness (or you just feel bad for your S.O. lol), here are the sex positions for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy

Oral (Receiving)

You’re literally growing a whole set of human organs at this stage. The least your partner can do is go down on you as often as you’d like without expecting anything in return. Lay back and let ‘em go to town. Pro tip: Try propping your chest up with a few pillows if your heartburn is threatening to drown you before you climax. 

Over-A-Bucket Doggy

Doggy is a winner all throughout pregnancy because you can control the depth, and it doesn’t put pressure on your belly. BUT! The jostling around can escalate even the mildest case of nausea to a level 10. That’s why putting a bucket under your face (or doing it over the toilet if you’ve got no shame) will help you get yours without getting your dinner all over the sheets. 

Sexy Starfish

Think missionary, but lazier. Lie back and let your partner mount you (just be mindful of the fetus, and have them put most of their weight on their hands/arms). While missionary typically requires the receiving partner to grind/moan/interact, that’s not the case here! You get to just lie there and take it, trying to keep your body as still as possible to avoid triggering a (non-sex-induced) gagging episode. 

Second-Trimester Sex Positions

Odds are you’re feeling better once the second-trimester hits, which means now is the time to have as much wild, crazy sex as possible (or just like, any sex, because let’s be real — it might get a lot trickier once le bébé arrives). While pretty much anything goes, here are a few of the top positions for the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy that’ll keep you comfortable and coming again and again (and again). 

Reverse Cowgirl

You know the drill: Your partner lies down, you climb on top, then position yourself for optimal contact. Personally, I find reverse cowgirl — with your back facing your S.O. — best for pregnancy because you can hide your belly if you’re feeling self-conscious (but you shouldn’t bc you’re a fucking goddess), and you don’t have to look at your partner’s face if for some reason the sight of them makes you irrationally angry (totally normal, btw). 

Face Down Ass Up

It’s like child’s pose, but instead of feeling zen, you get an orgasm, which is even better. Your partner enters you from behind (or uses their fingers, tongue, or a sex toy) so you can chill while folded over. Have ’em hold your hips for better control and friction. This position not only gives you both hands-free to explore other areas but also minimizes pressure on your belly, making it ideal as your pregnancy progresses — and as your personal geography expands.

Santa’s Lap

Think of this as your personal holiday treat with no mistletoe or seasonal decor required. You sit on your partner’s lap, facing them, which allows for intimate eye contact and easy kissing. This position lets you control the pace and depth of penetration, perfect for accommodating your comfort as your belly grows. Plus, your partner can easily caress your back and sides, adding to the closeness. It’s a great way to feel connected and supported — literally and emotionally — especially when you need that extra dose of love. Or if you just want to get off, turn around so they’re breathing on your neck and not in your face. Bless.

Third Trimester Sex Positions

At this point, you’re either hella horny, or you’re simply considering sex as a natural labor inducer. Either way, getting laid in your third trimester requires serious patience, coordination, and a few strategic modifications. Here’s how to get your groove on when it feels like an alien is kicking you from the inside, and the mere thought of climbing a flight of stairs leaves you gasping for air.

Modified Cowgirl

We’ve already been over the logistics of cowgirl. But when you’re superrrr pregnant, you gotta tweak the position a bit. Have your partner bend their legs and use their limbs as a sort of ramp/support. Put your hands on their chest (or knees, if you’re in reverse) to control the depth, speed, and friction. This way, you can enjoy the ride without turning it into an Olympic sport or feeling like the literal cow in this situation. 

Sleepy Spoon

This is basically the ultimate cuddle fest with benefits. You and your partner lie on your sides, with your partner curled around your back like a human cocoon, but sexier? This position is not only super comfy but also perfect for those times when you’re too tired to move but still crave some closeness — or, hey, maybe you just wanna get off and then fall asleep without moving. Because, hi, you’re already in THE ONLY SLEEPING POSITION ALLOWED WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT, UGH. Love that for us. 

Birthing Ball Oral

If you’d like to give your partner one final gift before the big day, grab an actual birthing ball and invite your S.O. to stand in front. Sitting comfortably on the ball eases pressure on your back and puts you at the ideal height for delivering some serious oral pleasure — regardless of what they’re packing. Sure, giving isn’t always The Most Fun, but think of it as multitasking: you’re prepping your body for labor while giving your partner the last bit of undivided attention they’ll get for, oh, the next 18 years or so. 

Remember, whether you’re mastering the Modified Cowgirl or just surviving the Sleepy Spoon, the goal is to enjoy the ride — literally. After all, it’s not every day you get to blame your not-so-adventurous sex positions on being too pregnant. 

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