Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Friends

We all have that crew of friends that we would do anything for, whether it’s driving them to the airport at 6am or finding matches for them on Ship. It’s just what friends do. Famous people are no different, except that the people in their group chat might also be A-listers. Casual. I don’t know about you, but my Ship crew definitely doesn’t have any Oscar winners in it. Here are some surprising celebrity friendships you might not have known about.

Serena Williams & Kim Kardashian

Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian are two of the most famous women in the world, and they’ve actually known each other for more than 15 years. A few years ago, Kim told Vogue, “Serena’s the girl you can call and say anything to. She’ll never judge you, and she’s never too busy for you.” Obviously Kim has a lot of respect for Serena, and she attended the tennis champion’s New Orleans wedding with other stars like Colton Haynes and Eva Longoria.

Russell Brand & Helen Mirren

Russell Brand and Helen Mirren are 30 years apart, but they both have a great sense of humor, and they love working together. They’ve done a couple of movies together, and Brand even called their relationship“an unconsummated love affair…between a Dame and a vagabond.” I’m not sure I know what he’s talking about, but I’m glad it works for them.

Jennifer Aniston & Robert Downey Jr.

Jen and Robert have been friends since the ‘90s, and she even visited him when he was in prison. Famously, he introduced her to her (now ex) husband Justin Theroux, and made a speech at their wedding. Seriously, how can I get Robert Downey Jr. to be in my Ship crew? I need Iron Man to find me some matches.

50 Cent & Bette Midler

When 50 Cent isn’t busy feuding with the stars of Vanderpump Rules, he spends time with unexpected friends like Meryl Streep and Bette Midler. He and Bette have attended each other’s charity events in the past, and Bette even joked that 50 Cent was going to produce a rap albumfor her. Still waiting to hear Bette Midler rap, but I’m glad these two get along so well.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Jay-Z

Gwyneth and Jay met way back in 2006, and they’ve maintained a close relationship since then. They’ve both spoken publicly about their admiration for one another, and Gwyneth even revealedthat her kids call Jay-Z “Uncle Jay.” Honestly, I’m obsessed.

Kris Jenner & Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been public about her obsession with reality shows like The Real Housewives of New York City and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so she was thrilled to get to know Kris Jenner in real life. A few years ago, Jennifer’s friends threw her a surprise birthday party and invited Kris. When JLaw first met her, she said“it was the closest ever come to losing consciousness. Honestly, I would be the same way.

So there you have it. Just like you and your best friend that you used to hate in middle school, friends can come from unexpected places. Now you’re her bridesmaid, and she’s finding matches for you on Ship, so anything is possible. Now seriously, who do I talk to about Robert Downey Jr. being my matchmaker?

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Who Is Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence’s Fiancé?

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about Jennifer Lawrence, and honestly, it was a nice break. She’s taken a couple years out of the spotlight, which was enough time that I’m no longer annoyed at the thought of her relatable girl schtick. Good thing, because JLaw is back, and she’s engaged. We’ve known for a while that she was dating Cooke Maroney, but their engagement seemingly came out of nowhere. So who is Cooke Maroney, other than that a white man with two last names? Let’s discuss.

Cooke Maroney is an art gallery director, which is one of those occupations where, like, I know it’s a real thing, but it still sounds kind of fake and sketchy to me. Other examples: fashion photographer, executive chef, and jewelry designer. I don’t know why, but I imagine that all of these people have scandalous pasts and dark secrets. Allegedly. But yeah, so Cooke is the director of the New York gallery Gladstone 64, which looks absolutely beautiful based on the pictures on the website. One of Gladstone’s artist clients is Lena Dunham’s father, because everything is weird and connected.

Cooke is 33 years old, which is a sensible five years older than Jennifer. It’s crazy that she’s still only 28, considering that it feels like she won an Oscar a decade ago. Okay, it was actually in 2013, but close enough. She’s not that old. She and Maroney have been dating since last June, when they were introduced to each other by Jennifer’s best friend Laura Simpson. At the time, they were seen out and about together, but no one had any real idea whether things were serious or not.

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It’s official! ?#JenniferLawrence is engaged to boyfriend #CookeMaroney, PEOPLE confirms. ? Tap our bio link for details on the actress' ring and the couple's celebratory dinner. | ?: JD Images/REX/Shutterstock

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Most importantly, Cooke Maroney has a private Instagram with less than 2000 followers. When a rando is dating someone super famous, there’s no quicker way to judge their intentions than social media thirst. Based on his distinct lack of Instagram desperation, it would appear that Cooke is definitely here for the right reasons. Jennifer famously only uses Instagram through a secret finsta, so Cooke’s low-key presence is probably the ideal vibe for her. Congrats Jen, it looks like you’ve landed a keeper.

JLaw’s reps have confirmed that she’s engaged to Cooke, but we don’t have any details about when the wedding will happen, or what it will be like. If I had to guess, I would say lots of A-listers will be invited, including Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, and Brie Larson. I wouldn’t bet against a few Real Housewives making the list as well, because Jennifer has been open about her obsession with Bravo. Or I could also see her having the world’s most low-key wedding in, like, Upstate New York or something. We still don’t know too much, but this is a good starting point. Now at least when your friends are like “Who is Cooke Maroney?”, you can provide all the information they need.

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The Beauty Products Your Favorite Celebrities Swear By

It’s not exactly groundbreaking for me to say that celebrities are pretty much constantly putting their best face forward. (Don’t call Miranda Priestly.) But often times, it seems like they are using super expensive products or a permanent Glamsquad to follow them around and create their effortlessly gorgeous looks. And, to be clear, that is the case some of the time. But sometimes the answer is a little simpler than we all think—they just find what products work for them, and continue to use them. So here are the beauty products celebrities swear by, whether it’s a body scrub, moisturizer, foundation, or whatever else. Many of these beauty products celebrities swear by are actually v accessible, so you might find yourself online shopping at the end of this list. A fair warning.

1. Chrissy Teigen

It’s no surprise that we are shamelessly obsessed with Chrissy and everything about her realness. From her open conversations about pregnancy to her political views to her self-confidence, it’s a no-brainer that we’d want to know her tips to looking and feeling good, too. Some of her favorite products include Ouai Shampoo and Conditioner, Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub, and a must-have: Coconut oil. She especially loves the one made by Vita Coco.

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub

2. Kim Kardashian

For starters, Kim obviously uses her own products the most. I mean, duh. Her contour and highlighter kit as well as Kylie’s bestselling Kylighter are among her faves. However, she’s also a fan of Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer and Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream, according to Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Cream

3. Emily Ratajkowski

Not only is Em Rata insanely fit and unafraid to show off her abs, but she always seems to have the best sun-kissed, glowy skin too. It’s just not fair to have both a good body and good skin. Ugh. If you’re like me and would die to know her skin care secrets, you’re in luck. She shared with Vogue that she uses Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

4. Hailey Baldwin

This secret is for all the blondes out there who are constantly looking for a conditioner to keep their strands looking fresh and healthy. Hailey’s hair stylist, Ryan Pearl, shared a favorite purple conditioner to follow with. The secret? Like with anything else, Pearl says too much purple shampoo can cause more damage than good, so using a deep purple conditioner afterwards like Redken’s Color Extend Blondage Conditioner once a week can maintain your color and nourish your roots.

Redken Color Extend Blockage Color Depositing Purple Conditioner

5. Bella Hadid

The Hadids know how to turn heads on the runway and in the streets. Their impressive (and v expensive) wardrobe and 6-pack abs help, but it’s their flawless makeup that really does the trick. Specifically, Bella enjoys some of Dior’s most popular beauty products. For those lengthy lashes, she likes using Dior Diorshow Pump ’N’ Volume Mascara and tops off her pout with Dior Lip Glow.

Dior Lip Glow

6. Jennifer Lawrence

I really wish my girl, JLaw, would get an Insta because I am really so obsessed with her. I would LOVE to see the hilarious sh*t I imagine she’d post because honestly, she is my drunk alter ego. She likes to keep her makeup pretty minimal, but she really loves a good face mask. Who doesn’t? One of her favorites is the Decleor Radiance Flash Mask.

Decleor Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask

7. Rihanna

Ri is serious goals and my go-to when I need a reminder of the boss betch I am. As predicted, she uses her own Fenty Beauty products like the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter. She also shared with Vogue an easy under-eye trick for pesky dark bags because obviously, we’ve all been there. She advises to use deep colored eyeshadow shades to cover the bags and “add definition”.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

8. Beyoncé

For some, god is a woman, and that woman could very well be Queen Bey. Since those in the Beyhive would absolutely die to be a clone of her, getting some insight into her beauty routine is the first step. Her well-known makeup artist, Sir John, shared with Glamour UK that he doesn’t use a setting spray or even a moisturizer. Instead, he layers cream and powder. He also shared that he uses Tom Ford Bronzing Powder right on the T-zone for a natural-looking glow.

Tom Ford Small Bronzing Powder

9. Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is super secretive about her beauty routine and tbh, I would be too if I looked that good at her age. Guys, Jenny from the block is almost 50 years old and she seriously always looks like she just turned 25. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? For starters, she says she drinks a ton of water and that she doesn’t drink caffeine or alcohol. So, ya, we’re pretty much screwed from the start. A couple of her favorite products include a highlighter from her collab with Inglot and some luxurious creams like Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

10. Ariana Grande

In addition to her hella long ponytail, Ariana is never out without an on-point cat eye. I mean, her winged liner as always as fierce as they come. If you’re envious and desperately trying to figure out her talented ways, her makeup artist’s go-to is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Photos: Raphael Lovaski /Unsplash; Nordstrom (2); Neiman Marcus; Charlotte Tilbury; Ulta; Sephora (3); Decleor; Dr. Hauschka
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I Was Rooting For You, Lala, We Were All Rooting For You!

Okay everyone. It’s only Wednesday, it’s another fucking blizzard, and Lala Kent—breakout fan favorite of this season’s Vanderpump Rules—has somehow made my morning even worse. In a classic Stassi circa November move, Lala participated in a podcast episode that seems designed to ruin her career. And just like I did with Stassi’s podcast in November, I listened to the entire thing. Let’s dive in to the river of horseshit controversial comments Lala shared on Tuesday’s night episode of Juicy Scoop.

What Was Said

The most inflammatory part of this episode references Lala’s ongoing “feud” with Jennifer Lawrence. (ICYMI: J Law called Lala a cunt on Watch What Happens Live. Lala was mad.) This clip, conveniently located 72 minutes into the 75 minute episode, is already triggering some well-deserved outrage. Naturally, host Heather “I love burying ledes” McDonald was eager to get into the J Law drama. And the two of them got most of the shit-talking out of their system in the first five minutes. Beyond the typical “my feelings were hurt” and “she’s gross” and “congrats on the failed movies,” they kept it pretty clean. UNTIL: an hour later, we get this exchange seemingly out of nowhere:

Heather: Do you think ever did anything sexual with Harvey Weinstein?

Lala: Yeah. I think she’s that type of chick.

At this point, Heather starts breathing like she’s having a panic attack. Obviously, she asked an incredibly leading and inflammatory question, and I think part of her can’t believe Lala really fell for it. Lala herself seems aware she’s crossed a line, though she doesn’t seem interested in acknowledging it as a bad thing. If you’re at home wondering why exactly it IS such a bad thing, that’s what I’m here for. In the immortal words of Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, let’s unpack that.

Why It’s So Fucked Up

First of all, Heather: “did anything sexual” is not appropriate terminology when discussing instances of alleged rape and sexual assault. To say the woman is “doing something sexual” when she’s under coercion, stripped of her agency and ability to be “doing” anything at all, is beyond cruel. Second, as literally everyone can agree, the instances of “sexual activity” with Harvey Weinstein under discussion are instances of alleged rape or assault. So why is Heather McDonald essentially posing the question, “do you think Harvey Weinstein ever preyed on Jennifer Lawrence?” as though it’s opportunity to talk shit? And why the fuck is Lala answering like she agrees? What is “that type of chick,” Lala? Because from where I’m standing, it sure as hell seems like what you’re referring to is a victim.

The Horror Continues

Heather at this point decides to abandon all remaining vestiges of dignity, saying she thinks it’s “interesting” how Jennifer Lawrence decided to “abandon” Harvey Weinstein right away. Unlike Meryl Streep, who she says only “distanced” herself. So like, congratulations Heather—you’ve found the only context in which Meryl Streep is not the classier alternative. (Also, both J Law and Meryl have publicly denounced Weinstein since. Just because Meryl didn’t immediately call for his incarceration does not mean she was standing by him.)

But again, I am so fucking confused about the stance being taken on Harvey Weinstein here. After Lala drops a few more charming tidbits about how J Law has a fat face and bad hair, the two women chill out a little and do manage to address the fact that Weinstein is a disgusting pig. (The word they’re looking for is predator, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.) Somehow, they don’t seem to see where that fact clashes with making nasty speculations about Weinstein and Lawrence being “sexual,” or trying to make her speaking out against Weinstein seem like a bad thing.

Lala Says Dumb Shit, Pt. 3

Then again, the other 72 minutes of this podcast really call into question how much Lala gives a shit about displaying human decency. About her friends: she wishes Raquel had “more than half a brain,” mocks Scheana’s singing voice and James’ DJing, and casually drops that Faith may or may not have committed identity theft and “pulled a knife” on her. (To be fair, this last point was in response to a reader question. But Lala, rather than denying it outright, basically indicates she’s not supposed to discuss it.) On relationships, Lala says she’s not dating Randall for the money—because if she were dating for the money, she’d go for “a billionaire about to croak.” And on why she so frequently engages in what Heather calls “urban-ish talk”? Well, Lala says it was a natural byproduct of her upbringing. You know, in Utah: the 39th least diverse state.

The Aftermath

So yeah, suffice it to say that Lala is not the most reliable or kind witness when it comes to anything. But I’m a little astounded that someone who has vocally insisted on her status as a feminist has stooped so unbelievably low, simultaneously delivering a “burn” to Jennifer Lawrence and setting society’s understanding of the #MeToo movement back five years. Since the podcast aired, Lala has issued the following apology.

My interview with Juicy Scoop was taped a couple of weeks ago when I still felt hurt and emotional. Excuses aside, I wanted to let it be known https://t.co/jgyLLTyy75 and I are all good now.

— Give Them Lala (@lala_kent) March 20, 2018

And like, super glad they’re on good terms. Good for J Law for definitively proving she’s a bigger person than you. But it wasn’t really the personal sparring I wanted an apology for here. I want an apology for discussing Weinstein’s predatory behavior as though it’s juicy gossip about the victim. I want an apology for saying that women should stand by men with a history of sexual abuse simply because they had a working relationship. You complain about Jennifer Lawrence not “standing by other women” by insulting you. But you, Lala, are the one who denigrated Weinstein’s victims en masse for the sake of an ill-conceived punch line, and then made a low blow about another woman’s weight. So please, sit back down with whatever feminist book you read the first 20 pages of, and FINISH IT. Think about how you can actually embody some of the girl-power ideas you’ve been screaming about all season—because this isn’t it.

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Jennifer Lawrence And Lala Kent Are Feuding, And It’s Dramatic

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time for celebrating great women, fighting the patriarchy, and calling each other cunts on national TV. This week, Jennifer Lawrence and Lala Kent are feuding, and it’s one of the best new celebrity feuds in a while. I honestly never thought I would be talking about these two in the same sentence, but anything can happen in the messy dumpster fire that is 2018.

It all started when J-Law appeared on Watch What Happens Live and talked shit with Andy Cohen about everything from the Real Housewives to the Kardashians. In case you weren’t aware, Jen is a huge fan of reality TV, and she especially loves all things Bravo. So basically I’m Jennifer Lawrence. As the discussion shifted into Vanderpump Rules territory (was this interview specifically planned for me?), Andy asked Jen about her thoughts on our fave feminist reality star Lala Kent. Jennifer criticized Lala for her apparent personality shifts over the past couple seasons, doing a pretty spot-on impression of Lala in the process.

She says, “I’m sorry, but in the season before, we see Lala trying so hard to be nice, and then she’s like crying to her mom, and then she’s like a total bitch. And then she’s trying like really, really hard to be nice, and then she comes back this season and she’s like, ‘Hi, honey. Hi, sweetie.’”

Okay, yes. None of this is false. But then Jennifer just had to cross the line, saying “bitch, you’s a cunt.” Oops. Much like my addiction to literally every Bravo show, that shit escalated quickly. Jennifer probably thinks it makes her look cool and edgy to drop the c-word, but it’s really just unnecessary in this context.

Andy seemed unfazed by Jen’s choice of words, which makes sense because Andy Cohen is here for the drama and nothing else. Lala, however, wasn’t so cool with being called a cunt. Imagine that! She tweeted her reaction, before later deleting the tweets because we can’t have nice things:

“Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c*nt’ on @bravowwhl? Annnnnd talk about my mama? Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets. You’re one of the highest paid actresses on the planet … you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a cunt? You’re gross.”

…in “the streets” of Hollywood. K.

Following the epic tweet-and-delete, Lala went on the SiriusXM show Reality Checked to discuss her, um, feelings toward Jennifer. She said that she used to be a big fan of hers, and just expected a little more out of such an acclaimed actress. She also came up with a sick burn which she probably only spent like two hours coming up with: “Congratulations on two bombed movies in a row.” Hear that sound? It’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar shattering into a million pieces. RIP to her career, seriously Lala ended that shit.

And because Lala is a good reality TV star, she made sure to own her own drama just a little bit: “You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV. Don’t try to steal my thunder, girlfriend!” Say what you want about Lala, but at least she’s sort of self-aware.

And to Jennifer Lawrence, we love you, but come on. Your whole thing of being a chill girl who says whatever you’re thinking is fun sometimes, but you should really know better than to call someone you don’t even know a cunt on TV. Also, you’re literally an Academy Award winner, you don’t need to act like you’re on the same level as Lala. Can’t we all just get watch Bravo and get along?

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7 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is Our Girl Crush And Life Inspiration

It should go without saying, but in case you missed it, betches love Jennifer Lawrence. After years of being Hollywood’s fave Cool Girl, it’s time we recognized the amount of effort she puts into seeming effortless. Honestly, she’s an inspiration to us all, and I have not once gotten tired of seeing her face plastered everywhere since 2013, or whatever year that one movie about extreme camping came out. I didn’t pay attention; I was too busy believing every word Jennifer Lawrence said about maintaining a perfect body sans exercise or clean eating. But if her in-no-way-grating “honesty” hasn’t managed to turn you into a superfan yet, here are seven reasons JLaw is #lifegoals forever.

1. She’s Graceful

Like every action star, Jennifer Lawrence is always poised and camera-ready in public. But oh my god, wouldn’t it be the most relatable thing ever if she fell on the red carpet?

2. She Has Great Taste In Tattoos

It’s super cute that JLaw’s first tattoo is a scientifically inaccurate reminder to stay hydrated. I mean, if you’re going to get something tattooed on your body forever, you might as well make sure it’s pointless, half-faded, and jumbled looking from the get-go. Besides, isn’t it, like, super cute that she forgets to drink water, a basic human function?

3. She’s Irresistibly Sexy

As a famous person, JLaw can have any dude she wants and definitely has no trouble getting a date. That time she told Vogue her hymen was growing back from a lack of sex doesn’t count because she was just being cute.

4. She’s Super Polite

Our girl Jennifer has never spoken rudely to a journalist in her life. Just look at every press conference she’s ever given—this is a woman that respects the press and understands that publicity is the reason she’s a movie star.

5. She Never Complains.

JLaw understands that being a celebrity means she’ll never want for food, money, or hookups ever again, and she never complains because that would be gauche. “I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me,” she said once. Such a trooper!

6. She can party with the best of us.

Jennifer Lawrence might puke basically every time she drinks, but that’s what friends are for. Who wouldn’t want to spend the entirety of an Adele concert holding back her flaxen hair?

7.  She Has Eaten Pizza

Before Jennifer Lawrence, no woman had ever publicly disclosed that she likes pizza. Every time Jen talks about craving pizza, fries, or some other junk food, it’s a win for feminism.

Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for being the totally relatable millionaire/Oscar-winner/world-famous celeb we all know and some of us love.