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Jax's New Song 'Neurospicy' Has The Neurodivergent Community Pretty Upset

Typically, good music gets people talking. But when everyone on TikTok is saying you horribly missed the mark with your song and its message, and you end up offending anyone who’s been diagnosed with any sort of mental disability? Odds are the music is probably not that great. But because I had never heard of Jax before before her new song “Neurospicy,” I’m going to let you be the judge of that.

Jax is a singer who gained public attention on the 14th season of American Idol. Even though she didn’t win, she became pretty famous in 2022 after she released the song “Victoria’s Secret,” which discussed how companies like the billion-dollar lingerie empire feed off of women’s insecurities. People on TikTok tuned in, saying she made a real point. Let’s just say she was Girl On Couch before anyone was Looking For A Man In Finance.

Fast forward to today, and Jax’s new music isn’t being received as well. So, why are people so upset about the new song? And what does neurospicy even mean?! 

@pogsyy we didnt need this things are bad enough #autism #adhd #jax #neurodivergent #neurospicy ♬ neurospicy (interlude) – Jax

What Does Neurospicy Mean? 

Jax isn’t the first person to use the word “neurospicy” — it’s a word that’s supposed to be a more light-hearted version of the word “neurodivergent.” According to Cleveland Clinic, neurodivergent means that your brain doesn’t operate in a way that’s considered traditional or “normal.” Essentially, there are different mental milestones that are set up to measure how people develop as they grow. When you don’t reach certain milestones at the same time or in the same way as this scale, you’re considered neurodivergent. Typically, if you have a mental health condition like ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, you’re considered neurodivergent. “Neurospicy” is just another way to label it.

Keep in mind, though, that neither neurodivergent nor neurospicy are medical terms! 

Jax “Neurospicy” Lyrics Breakdown 

Not only are people saying that the song sucks musically, but they’re not a fan of the lyrics, either. In the main chorus, Jax sings: “I might be a little spicy/ A little bit neuro spicy/ Isn’t everyone a little bit spicy/ Spicy is better than bland.” She goes on to sings lines like “I have trouble with boundaries” and “My brain and mouth don’t talk much.”

Content creators like Tara Rule were quick to share their thoughts on the new song. Mainly, that it’s fucking cringe. “I know I can’t tell when people are making fun of me bc autism but like, this song is totally making fun of us right?” She then went on to make her own version of the song, replacing the original lyrics with: “is everybody fucking autistic?”

@pogsyy like no?? #jax #neurodivergent #autism #adhd #neurospicy #cringe #ukelele ♬ original sound – Tara Rule

Why Are People Upset About the “Neurospicy” Song?

The word “neurospicy” has received backlash in the past, so it’s not surprising that Jax titling a song with it would upset people. People think the word is super infantilizing and treats mental health conditions like they’re quirky rather than serious issues that take a lot of time, effort, and resources to adjust to.

Not only does Jax seemingly make light of these issues with the song, but she also makes it seem like everyone struggles with these issues when that’s just not the case. She may think she’s being kind by saying, “Isn’t everyone a little bit spicy?” but it comes off as her misunderstanding of the difficulties neurodivergent people may deal with every day of their lives.

Some people also find it odd that she includes the lyrics “Spicy is better than bland,” almost insinuating a sort of hierarchy. Overall, it seems like almost every lyric was a swing and a hard miss.

I know it’s fun to use new words, but let’s maybe leave this one in the vault next time.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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