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Who TF Is Girl On Couch? Meet Megan Boni, The Girl Looking For A Man In Finance

Girl On Couch, otherwise known as Megan Boni, has everyone and our mothers looking for a man in finance, 6’5″, blue eyes. And no, I have not found him yet because I unfortunately don’t feel like braving Murray Hill any time soon (NYC girls get it). My Bushwick bones are too brittle for that journey. If you pretend “Espresso,” “Lunch,” and “Good Luck, Babe!” don’t exist, Megan’s Charli XCX-esque bop is low-key the song of the summer. Apparently, we should all start filming ourselves saying a few sentences in a fake British accent and post it on TikTok ’cause this girlie literally has a record deal. As she should. “Man In Finance (G6 Trust Fund)” by Girl On Couch and Billen Ted is blasting in my headphones as we speak.

I know the life stories of my favorite artists like the back of my hand, hence my mildly concerning parasocial relationships with them. So yes, I’m prepared to stan Ms. Girl On Couch, but research must come first. I did a deep dive: Here’s everything to know about Megan Boni, the girl on a couch who’s given us musical gold.


Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies

♬ original sound – Girl On Couch

Everything To Know About Girl On Couch, Megan Boni

What Is Girl On Couch’s Job?

Megan used to work in sales but that income is obviously no longer necessary. Oh, to be a successful TikToker. She quit her day job right after “Man In Finance” blew up on the app and apparently, her company was chill about it. Megan told People, “They were like, ‘We get it! You do you.'” These days, she’s busy figuring out the music industry and enjoying watching her song get played at clubs and concerts. Megan has a label deal with Capitol/Polydor/Virgin Germany.

The influencer has more than 250 thousand followers (and counting) on TikTok where she primarily posts short comedic videos. At her core, she’s a girl who likes to get silly and goofy for the camera.

How Old Is Girl On Couch?

The influencer and budding music star is 27 years old, which I believe makes her a proper Zillennial — a vibe that’s reflected in her content. Megan’s birthday is May 16 and to celebrate, she released her smash hit that night. I might actually copy that idea for my own birthday… get ready to stream my upcoming viral single, title TBD.

What Is Girl On Couch’s Instagram?


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You can go stalk Megan at @megan_boni if you’re feeling extra productive right now. There, she posts lots of selfies, shows off cute fits, and shares photos with friends. Of course, she’s recently been using all her platforms to heavily promote “Man In Finance.”

Is Girl On Couch Releasing More Music?

Devastatingly for all of us, music isn’t really Megan’s focus. “I won’t make more music unless it’s a parody,” she revealed to Uproxx, noting, “but I am definitely behind this song.” I’ll take all the parodies she’ll give me.

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