A Look Back At Bella Thorne’s Best Halloween Costumes

In a shocking turn of events, Bella Thorne, a walking thirst trap, did not dress up for Halloween this year, even though she’s been testing Instagram’s nudity policy for months now in preparation. I’d say I’m worried about her, but honestly the girl displays enough cries for help Halloween-inspired outfits on her Instagram feed to … Continued

Why Halloween Is The Single Most Overrated Day Of The Year

Ah, Halloween—innovative costumes, chilling haunted house-inspired decor, and that crisp, cool weather we look forward to all year. Haaaa, I fucking wish. Idk if it’s the incessant articles about fall that I force my 59 followers friends to read or the pure rage I develop when my attempt at a slutty Poison Ivy costume somehow … Continued

The 11 Garbage People You Meet At Every Halloween Party

Head Pro pretends to not like Halloween, but he’s really just bad at coming up with costumes. Email him at headpro@betches.com, and follow him on Twitter and Insta at @betchesheadpro. Halloween is Tuesday, which means that all of your Halloween party-going is happening this week and reaching a crescendo this weekend. Don’t ask me why … Continued