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Wait, Is There Gonna Be A Season 4 Of 'The Bear'?? Everything We Know So Far

Am I done with The Bear season 3 already? Yes. Can I feel you judging me? Also yes. Listen, when episodes are only 30 minutes long, they really fly by. And nothing gives me more joy than binging a new season of one of my favorite shows and respectfully admiring Jeremy Allen White’s hotness. This season was full of gorgeous food (as usual), a lot of intense conflict in the kitchen (the foundation of the series), and some unanswered questions about the characters’ futures that are stressing me out.

Obviously, I’ve been wondering if we’ll get answers to those questions in a new season. I at least need the tea on Carmy and Claire, Sydney’s big decision, and Richie’s ex’s wedding. So, will there there be a season 4 of The Bear to obsess over? Here’s everything I know so far, including details about the release date, cast, filming schedule, and plot.

The Bear Season 4: Everything We Know

Will The Bear Get A Season 4?

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Although FX hasn’t officially revealed the news yet… yes, there will be a season 4. Variety and Deadline both confirmed in March that The Bear was “secretly” renewed for a fourth season. Thank the TV gods.

When Is The Bear Season 4 Coming Out?

Sadly, there’s no season 4 release date just yet. However, this show has been on a pretty regular schedule for the last three seasons, so I’d guess we can expect the new season in the summer of 2025. Will I make ’till then? Debatable. 

Who Will Be In The Bear Season 4 Cast?

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We obviously don’t have a confirmed cast yet, but I think it’s safe to say that we can expect the regulars: King Jeremy Allen White (Carmy), Queen Ayo Edebiri (Sydney), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Richie), Liza Colón-Zayas (Tina), Abby Elliott (Natalie), Lionel Boyce (Marcus), and Matty Matheson (Neil Fak). Bonus points if Jamie Lee Curtis comes back and/or we get exciting new guest stars!

What Is The Plot Of The Bear Season 4?

This is your spoiler alert. Don’t fucking read this section if you haven’t seen the end of season 3 yet. 

I don’t have the season 4 scripts, I hate to tell you. But, I can make some guesses based on how season 3 wraps up. I’m assuming we’ll find out the fate of The Bear — will they make it and get a Michelin star? Or run out of money and fail? Also, I so hope Richie decides to attend his ex’s wedding, because that would be a truly iconic scene.

Of course, we also need to know if Sydney will ultimately stay at The Bear or ditch her hot boss and accept Adam Shapiro’s offer to be his new chef de cuisine. And I sincerely hope we get some kind of update on Claire and/or Claire and Carmy.

When Are They Filming The Bear Season 4?

Ummm, apparently they already shot it?? According to Deadline, they filmed seasons 3 and 4 back-to-back in order to accommodate Jeremy and Ayo’s demanding schedules. The stars are reportedly getting “a ton of feature opportunities” at the moment. Yeah, no shit.

During a press conference on June 24, Jeremy said that they “wrapped a couple of weeks ago.” Given the back-to-back situation, that seems to mean season 4 is all filmed. Give it to us immediately, please.

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