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You Can Buy Carmy's White Tee! Unfortch, They Won't Give You Jeremy Allen White's Biceps

Season 3 of The Bear just dropped, so naturally everyone and their mom is searching for the perfect white tee. But there’s one problem: Carmy doesn’t wear just one brand of white t-shirts. The man likes his options! According to The Strategist, who went full investigative journalist, the chain-smoking chef wore only the best of the best. I’m talking tubular knit (AKA, no side seams). I know, I know! WTF does that mean? Does the production process matter? Yes, Chef! It fucking matters if you want the perfect white tee.

I mean, if you really wanna get fancy about it, technicallyyyyy the best in the biz is a loopwheel t-shirt. It’s a slow but extremely high quality production method. Like, it fully takes one hour to produce one meter of fabric (oh, so British of me). For those who like their t-shirts like they like their men, this process leads to a thicker and more durable material. It’s basically the highest quality of t-shirt you can get made of cotton. BUT! It’s pricey. No judgement if you want to splurge. I love emotional spending — and if this season of The Bear is anything like *that* Christmas episode, then you’ll probably be spending a lot anyways.

While you may be wondering how a Chicago restaurant owner would have time to give a fuck about quality fabric when he’s busy getting locked in walk-in freezers, do I need to remind you that this is the same guy who stores vintage denim in his oven? He knows his priorities and I respect it.

Since I’m nice, I’m giving you some options from budget to splurge-worthy. Either way, I guarantee you’ll find basic white tees that are Carmy-approved. Unfortunately, none of these t-shirts will give you Jeremy Allen White’s biceps.

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Uniqlo T-Shirt

AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck Half-Sleeve T-Shirt

God, I love a bargain. And while Uniqlo AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck Half Sleeve T-Shirt is a mouthful, it’s important to distinguish because it’s absolutely the best tee if you want a classic crew neck without a high price tag. The fabric is thicker and offers more durability while not sacrificing breathability thanks to the “AIRism” feature. Admittedly, you might want to crop the sleeves if you want the full-Carmy effect, but it has over 600 5-star reviews so I think it’s worth it.

Lady White T-Shirt

Our T-Shirts Two-Pack

Yes, yes, it’s technically off-white but that just helps hide any stains you pick up working in the kitchen. Oh, you’re not a line cook? Then don’t worry about it! This rib knit crewneck is tubular so you know it’s high quality. Plus, it’s pre-shrunk which is great if you’re worried about sizing. You will need to “break it in” a little after a few washes because it arrives crisp as hell. And yes, I have multiple in my closet.

Velva Sheen T-Shirt

Velva Sheen Two-Pack

The Velva Sheen t-shirt may be giving Hanes energy in their plastic-wrapped two-packs (no hate to Hanes), but this is quite literally a heavyweight contender. Made in L.A., the heavyweight tee is pure Americana. Plus, it’s a little cheaper than Whitesville while benefiting from a similar neckline.

Whitesville T-Shirt

Whitesville Two-Pack

Carmy wore Japanese-made Whitesville t-shirts (*cough, cough* tubular loopwheeled made!!) throughout the first season. It’s suggested to order up a size because the shirt tends to run smaller.

Merz B Schwanen T-Shirt

1950s Men’s Loopwheeled T-Shirt

A German basics company, Merz B Schwanen is THE creator of white tees. It’s also probably the t-shirt you associate with Carmy’s biceps. Cristina Spiridakis, the costume designer for the pilot, confirmed with The Strategist that Merz is the tee Mr. Chef wears in the first episode.

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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