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Jeremy Allen White Has The Audacity To Have A Dating History That Doesn't Include Me

I’ve been obsessed with Jeremy Allen White since my tween self first laid eyes on him in Shameless. Calvin Klein, who? Lip Gallagher goes down in Ilana herstory as one of my most intense and formative crushes ever. I frankly didn’t think it was possible for Jeremy to top Shameless, but then this short king booked The Bear and has been fucking nailing his starring role as Chef Carmy. In real life, the actor seems to be down-to-earth, humble, charming, and kind; it’s no wonder we as a society can’t get enough of him. I genuinely stan more and more everyday.

It’s unclear why my feelings for Jeremy are unrequited, but I suppose that’s just how it is for now. One day he’ll see the light. If you’ve also been wondering about the actor’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriends, you’re in the right place: Here’s Jeremy Allen White’s complete dating history and current relationship status. And no, he and Ayo Edebiri aren’t dating… yet.

Jeremy Allen White’s Full Dating History

Emma Greenwell

Jeremy Allen White and Emma Greenwell
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Back in his Shameless days, Jeremy dated Emma, who played his love interest in the show. They were an item during 2011 and 2012 and posed together on a bunch of red carpets, as celeb couples do. Jeremy and Emma seemed to stay friendly after their split — at least until 2014, when they last posted together on Insta.

Addison Timlin

Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin
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Jeremy and Addison met in 2008 when they both starred in the psychological drama movie, Afterschool, but they were friends for years before they started dating. Addison subtly broke the news during a February 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I’ve got a sweetheart who I will not disclose, but, yes, he’d be the guy,” she dished at the time. “We have a nice foundation from being friends for a long period of time, and then it took a hard right turn into romance.” Yeahh, we all knew who she was talking about.

They welcomed their daughter, Ezer, in June 2018, got married at a courthouse in the summer of 2019, and welcomed their second daughter, Dolores, in December 2020. Jerison mostly kept their relationship private, but the actor did thank Addison when he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in January 2023. “I love you deep in my bones,” he said. “Thank you for all that you do, thank you for everything that you’ve done.”

Sadly, the loving deep in their bones did not last much longer after that speech. Addison filed for divorce in May 2023.

Ashley Moore

Jeremy Allen White and Ashley Moore
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After his split from Addison, Jeremy was linked to Ashley, who’s a model, in August 2023 — we got some classic Page Six photos of them making out and giggling. They were spotted hanging out through the summer, and an insider told Us Weekly, “Jeremy and Ashley aren’t putting any labels on their relationship, but they’re hooking up as often as they can and are totally smitten.” Sounds ideal, TBH.


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And finally, we arrive at Jeremy’s romance with Rosalía, the hottest and most talented singer alive. DeuxMoi first alerted us to this very important relationship in October 2023, and since then, Jeremy and Rosalía have been seen kissing, sharing cigarettes, and enjoying New York City together. They were spotted together on a trip to Chicago in March 2024 and still follow each other on Insta, but it’s unclear if they’re still an item.

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