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Everybody Calm Down, Ayo Edebiri And Jeremy Allen White (Probably) Aren't Dating

As we impatiently wait for the next season of The Bear it’s hard to feel like something isn’t missing. Personally, my body only operates at 100% capacity when I can ingest my daily dosage of the Sydney/Carmi/Cousin multivitamin that keeps my gut in check. Plus, my skin is feeling extra dry without Italian beef sandwich grease running out of my pores. What I’m saying is, we all miss seeing Hollywood’s most adorable misfit family hang out on and off screen so I get why the internet was excited to spot JAW and Ayo at a Chicago White Sox game but that doesn’t mean we have to start letting our minds run wild with fan theories that the pair have finally got together. Don’t get me wrong, if they were to link up romantically I’d absolutely stan. But the last word on the interwebs was that Jeremy was hitting it off with Rosalia. Ayo is so charming that whoever she’s sitting next to (like Paul Mescal, for example) instantly fills in as her perfect boyfriend. But are Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White actually dating? Here’s my honest assessment, like it or not.

Are Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White dating?

Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri
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More than likely, not. Since The Bear kicked off in 2022, Ayo and Jeremy have become close pals since the show is a love letter not only to cooking but to the creation of an unlikely powerful (but platonic) partnership that we see realized through Sydney and Carmi. Much like Sydney and Carmi, Ayo and Jeremy have talked about their priceless friendship over the years. Their viral chemistry is off the charts, which is what happens when you get two talented Hollywood actors with impeccable comedic timing together on the red carpet. But as recently as the Golden Globes in January 2024, Ayo has reiterated Jeremy is her coworker (even when she’s confronted with a XXL poster of his drool-worthy Calvin Klein ad).

Why do people think Ayo and Jeremy are together?

Other being hot and on the same cast, the pair were recently spotted at a baseball game where of course someone had to film them and post the video online. Jeremy is seen rubbing Ayo’s back while they watch the White Sox. Looks like a friendly helping hand to me, but it could be interpreted as an act of subtle PDA. The rest of the cast was also there, FWIW, so it feels especially unlikely to be a hard launch.

Regardless, speculation is a lot more fun than taking their words at face value, so someone say a prayer for both of their publicists.

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