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New Songs To Add To Your Sex Playlist If You Wanna Romanticize Your Life

The sounds of sex are like music to my ears. Hearing a man moan and groan?? Chef’s kiss. And also, actually hearing penetration is a big turn-on for me. But despite really enjoying hearing a partner (and myself) during sex, I’m still very big on playing music while I’m doing the deed. In fact, I have a sex playlist of 148 songs (you know, just in case I decide to have sex for 8 hours straight) that are tried and true when it comes to enhancing the mood. I’ve used these songs solo, and I’ve used them with partners. Let me tell you… they’ve definitely helped set the ambiance.

People have different opinions on sex playlists. Some people think they’re totally cringe, which I get — sex sounds super hot on its own, and adding songs might mess with it. Plus, if you’re not careful, playing songs that are too on-the-nose about sex during actual sex is just an ick. But other people (hello, me) absolutely love fucking with some sexy music in the background.

I think it’s mostly because I love romanticizing my own life. When I picture myself having sex, it’s always cinematic in my mind, with a super sensual soundtrack in the background. So when I’m actually doing the act, I like it to be similar. Why have sex if it’s not movie-hot?

While it’s true that sometimes a song playing in the background could change the rhythm of sex, it’s a change I definitely welcome. It feels exciting and intense, and for me, it just makes the sex that much better.

While I’m not going to reveal every song on my sex playlist (that’s for me and my partners only), here are a few songs to add to your sex playlist the next time you want to add to the mood.

wRoNg (feat. Kehlani) By Zayn Malik

Skin By Rihanna

Right Time (feat. Tank & Reggie Becton) By Ye Ali

Under The Moonlight By Trey Forever

ICU By Coco Jones

Sativa (feat. Swae Lee) By Jhene Aiko

Rehab (Winter in Paris) By Brent Faiyaz

Orion’s Belt By Sabrina Claudio

Ouu Ahh By Mannywellz

Don’t Stop By GoGo Morrow

Savage (feat. BIA) By Bahari

Moment By Victoria Monet

Still Your Best By GIVEON

Special Affair By The Internet

Water By Kehlani

Wickedest By Tamera

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.