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Let's Discuss Jax's Tweets About 'The Valley' Finale, Shall We?

It seems like just yesterday Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute were introducing us to their chaotic kindergarten-friendly group on The Valley. At first, it felt strange watching Jax and his equally dramatic friends act up without LVP there to keep asses in line, but now we’ve become addicted to the pain of watching Jesse Lally pretend to be zen. So much so that it feels like a personal affront that tthere is allegedly no Valley reunion. Lucky for us, the season finale contained some of the closure we’re craving. Bravo once again picked up the cameras to watch two of the broken-up couples pick up the pieces of their recent separations. Brittany told Jax and the girls she couldn’t live like this anymore, and good for her! (Also good for her gut because she’s apparently not thrown up since leaving her husband.) But leave it to Jax Taylor to do anything but let Brittany have the last word. Have you seen all of Jax Taylor’s tweets about The Valley finale yet or are you normal? Either way, let’s overanalyze like we’re that therapist in Malibu Jax never went to because it was far.

Jax Tweeted Brittany Has A New Boyfriend


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To put it politely. Jax’s exact words in a now-deleted tweet were that Brittany’s “been sleeping with [someone] the past four months” and it’s someone we would want to know about. Even if Brittany, a woman separated from her husband since February, does have a new flame, it can’t be juicier than Jax’s new GF, can it?

Jax Denies Dating Paige Woolen

Days after Jax Taylor told Bravo verbatim he would “never ever date or get married again,” he was spotted with model/influencer Paige Woolen. After picking Paige up in a limo for lunch with the paparazzi waiting, and then taking her to Jeremy Madix’s bday bash at Jax’s Studio City where Paige “joked” that she was pregnant, Jax would now like us to believe they are not at all involved romantically. Even though he hesitated at first to share the full story, Jax wanted to make one thing clear in an immediate follow-up tweet. He had done nothing wrong (despite a documented history of literally doing everything wrong on camera for like 10 years).

Jax did later share more about the situation on a May 31 episode of When Reality Hits. While he reiterated that he was in no way, shape, or form dating anyone, Jax insisted he and Brittany were on the same page (pun probably not intended) about being allowed to do so if he wanted. He then implied multiple Brittany was dating too aka “doing her thing.” That’s just what’s best for the Cauchi marriage rn.

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