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So Something's Up With Danny From 'The Valley', Right?

Listen, I hate the next sentence I’m about to write as much as you do, nay more than you do but it must be said. Jax Taylor was right again. In early May a member of Bravo standom mentioned Jax in a tweet championing Danny and Nia as the cutest couple on The Valley (as most viewers have been doing since the show began) Jax naturally instantly replied and his response was low-key alarming. Jax wrote “Will see how this ages…” which made me think he was either jealous of the attention or pettily dropping information we couldn’t possibly know yet. I mean realistically Jax was probably doing both, but it does seem like cracks have shown themselves in later season episodes for Danny and Nia. There’s been a lot of crying about how hard having a baby is, and not from the woman who pushed them out. Don’t get me wrong, great dads exist and all but something about the way Danny laments how Nia doesn’t truly understand how hard this all is for him, co-signed by the firetruck red flag of a husband that is Jesse, was unsettling. Nia has also expressed concerns about their future. So it seems like we have to ask, especially with two couples already down for the count, are Danny and Nia still together?

Are Danny and Nia Still Together?


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Yes, Danny Booko and Nia Sanchez are still married after the first season of The Valley. The couple has posted a lot of fun family outings in the spring of 2024, as recently as late May, including a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, a tulip festival, and a baby dedication at church for their two youngest twins. It also looks like the family has stayed put in Los Angeles, County despite Danny’s eyes for Santa Clarita.

What happened with Danny and Nia on The Valley?

Fans had reason for concern re: the couple’s relationship after Danny had a breakdown, seemingly out of nowhere, saying that his life is “a lot of work” because he’s “up every two hours changing diapers, putting kids on boobs. [He] does it all.” When Jesse asked if Nia appreciated his efforts, Danny trailed off when conceding that “she does… but I feel like…” allowing Jesse to finish his sentence that Nia doesn’t really appreciate him deep down because “they never do.” Instead of saying outright that wasn’t true, Danny warned Jesse to stop speaking so harshly in front of Jason who was about to become a father. Then Jax jumped in on the wife dumping allowing the boys to basically “yes man” each other into a different dimension where helping your wife get ready to breastfeed is somehow harder than breastfeeding itself. No one “does it all” but the closest thing to it is probably keeping three children alive with your body while battling postpartum depression.

Danny and Nia on 'The Valley'
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This behavior seemed strange for Danny, who has mostly been a pleasant blip on the radar of The Valley. It made me raise an eyebrow at previous behavior and it is true that Danny has gotten incoherently emotional at previous group dinners where Nia quickly talked him off the ledge, something that is teased to happen again on a much larger scale in the 11th episode of the season entitled “Darkside Danny.” Danny has also been pressuring Nia to move to Santa Clarita where they can buy a bigger property despite her concerns about further isolating herself physically from her support system when she’s already mentally going through a hard time.

Since the couple is still happily together it feels safe to assume they have worked through these issues from last summer, but it still will be painfully interesting to watch how it plays out on the rest of The Valley’s first season.


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