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I Guess These Are The Winners Of 'Perfect Match' Season 2...

This season of Perfect Match was some primetime television, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the smoking corner was eliminated from the UK’s Love Island and Netflix started managing alcohol consumption. Don’t get me wrong, the behavior displayed by the [male] contestants was appalling, but I was hooked, my half-eaten burrito abandoned in favor of Harry Jowsey gaslighting yet another gorgeous woman. And when Netflix broke all the rules and dropped the Melinda receipts? This makes me ALMOST forgive them for canceling The Society (#bringitback). But then we reached the final episode, and the Perfect Match season 2 winners were announced, and erm, Mr. Netflix, I have some thoughts… 

Who won season 2 of Perfect Match?

'Perfect Match' season 2 cast
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No drum roll, no applause, because the winners of season two of Perfect Match were Christine and Nigel. Who? Yeah, I’m right there with you, girlie. Two former contestants of Too Hot to Handle, we didn’t see much of them throughout the season. Christine and Nigel paired up the penultimate episode after Tolu sent them on a date together. Were they sent on a date because of their undeniable chemistry or history? No, it was to get Kaz free so that Micah could slide back into his DMs. They were a diversion tactic, and then somehow, they won the whole season. Excuse me?

You might also be thinking, “Oh, but one episode is probably a week later, so they had a week together.” Wrong again, bestie. It was a literal day. One day. The two of them encountered one compatibility challenge, which they didn’t even win. They apparently hung out in New York before filming, but as friends. 

Why did Christine and Nigel win season 2 of Perfect Match?

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EXCELLENT QUESTION. Well, this is when we turn to the piping hot tea spilled by cast members since the show aired. The winner is chosen by a vote, not only by members of the villa but also by the dateless individuals. Contestants can’t vote for their own couple.

According to members of the villa, all the contestants outside the villa (not coupled up) had made a pact to vote for whichever of them got in by the end of filming. Chris explained this in a recent TikTok, saying that this led all the non-villa peeps to vote for Christine and Nigel. It sounds like there was some bad blood between the villa and non-villa contestants. It’s giving the capital vs districts in The Hunger Games.

Christine denied this and claimed the only pact was one to keep her out of the villa. She doesn’t see how else she wouldn’t have been invited on any dates. Christine and Nigel have both said they deserved to win as they were the most compatible and that cut footage would’ve supported this. 

Are Christine and Nigel still together?

Like literally every other couple in season two of Perfect Match, Christine and Nigel broke up soon after filming, though not before enjoying their prize: an all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand. The final episode included footage of the pair enjoying themselves in exotic locations. 

The pair [obviously] have differing reasons for the breakup. Christine claims Nigel wasn’t trying to make things work and that she suggested couple’s counseling. Nigel mysteriously alluded to Christine irrevocably breaking his trust. They’re both currently single.

Why Didn’t Stevan And Alara win?

Stevan Sitter and Alara Tanner on 'Perfect Match'
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Fans are pretty united in this and demanding justice for Stevan and Alara. While the two weren’t paired from the start, they were the longest-running couple and always seemed so genuine together. The two only had one minor scuffle, involving a suggested game of “Spin the Bottle” and did well in the compatibility challenges. Despite being sent on various dates, they always chose each other and remained respectful.

However, the cast update revealed that even this “perfect” match fell to pieces soon after filming ended. Located on opposite ends of the globe, the pair struggled to make things work, although Alara claims Stevan ghosted her when they were apartment hunting. Although she also mentions blocking him on everything after he sent a long “I’m sorry” paragraph, so I’m not sure if that qualifies as ghosting, baby girl.

What happened to the Perfect Match season 1 winners?

The season one winners were Georgia and Dom, which was also quite surprising. They were one of the newer couples in the villa, unlike Joey and Kariselle, who had been matched since DAY ONE and gotten engaged — dw, it ended. Dom and Georgia also fell victim to the Perfect Match curse, and broke up soon after, with a big serving of a Harry Jowsey cheating scandal. Season one winner Dom even returned for season two, claiming he was done being “the nice guy” — I’m sorry, when were you nice? He was unsuccessful, of course.

The Perfect Match Voting System

Dear Netflix, I think you’ve got something really good on your hands with Perfect Match. Do I think any of them are actually finding true love? No, of course not, but you’re entertaining me more than other dating shows. But we have got to talk about how you pick your winners. I get the whole democracy aspect of having everyone vote. I love to vote. I vote in every election or Instagram story that pops up. But this shouldn’t be a vote, especially not by the contestants themselves. Obviously, the villa-less people have a bunch of grudges against the matched-up people, and they won’t vote fairly. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Netflix. 


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