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It’s Time to Find Out If Any Of Those ‘Perfect Match’ Couples Made It Past Filming

I am well acquainted with the wide variety of dating shows that Netflix churns out every other week, but there is something different about Perfect Match, which makes it my fav. I think it’s because they’re all already famous (or at least think they are), so the egos are A-GOING! Also, a few of them have history or totally fangirl about each other (*cough* Izzy). It’s just a fame-fueled mess, and I am fucking here for it!!

This season of Perfect Match was no different, with Harry Jowsey ping-ponging around and reminding us that he actually is “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.” About half of the cast of Love is Blind turned up, including Choke-Worthy Jess. And as always, the Too Hot to Handle conbtestants were fighting their way into the villa, as they smelled a potential podcast deal with iHeartRadio. But the icing on the cake was the return of season one’s winner Dom, minus his “perfect match” Georgia, who has since dated Harry… ruh roh.

Perfect Match Season 2 Couples Now

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey on 'Perfect Match'
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Literally, name a straight white man I want to see LESS on my screen. I’m waiting. Harry Jowsey wasn’t exactly a shocker in the villa, but I can still be disappointed but not surprised. Harry did as Harry does in the villa, including gaslighting the fuck out of Too Hot to Handle winner Elys Hutchinson.

Despite his burgeoning romance with the blonde Swiss clock, Harry was sent on a date with Love Is Blind‘s Jessica Vestal (Not the Megan Fox lookalike, the other one!!). He told Jess that his connection with Elys was just a “friendship,” and matched with her that very evening. Harry apparently liked Jessica’s mature outlook, but every else called bull on his intentions. Even his partner-in-crime Dom was questioning if Harry was actually here to get wifed up. Also, Jess is this someone you’d actually introduce to Autumn??

The finale saw Jess breaking up with Harry, briefly coupling with Izzy, and then choosing to go solo. It’s giving girl who will go back to her man in two days. Netflix also broke all etiquette (I love it) and showed us the behind-the-scenes footage of what actually happened between Harry and Melinda!! Plus a fun Marvel-esque credits scene showed Harry and Jessica were not only back together a month later, but she was moving to LA! And then told us that they broke up one week later…

The show was apparently filmed in autumn 2023, so a year has passed since they were loved up on our screens. Jess’ season of Love is Blind only came out this spring, but was filmed in March 2023, and ended with her single. TMZ since released photos of Jess and Harry on a beach together, which were supposedly taken in September 2023. There were also photos in Page Six of them together in Mexico in June 2023. Do these ppl ever work???

BUT HARRY HAS BEEN BUSY. The reality roach was on season 32 of Dancing With The Stars, partnered with the lovely Rylee Arnold, from September to November. He has since revealed on his podcast, Boyfriend Material (HA!), that he was in a relationship while on the show which ended during that period. It’s believed that this secret girlfriend was Jess! So thanks for spoiling, Harry. There have also been a lot of rumors surrounding Hatry and Rylee, but nothing confirmed by either of them.

After her season of Love is Blind aired in March, Jess confirmed that she is currently single. So I’m guessing that my boss babe woke up and took a good look in the mirror!!

Justin Assada and Elys Hutchinson

Justin Assada and Elys Hutchinson on 'Perfect Match'
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As mentioned, Elys was initially blinded by the Harry charm (I don’t get it personally, but you do you, my Swiss rolex). Harry dropped her as soon as Jess sauntered into the villa, and so Elys proved her wits by pairing up with her friend Chris. She needed to stick around for some cold, British-accented revenge on Harry. 

But she didn’t have long to wait for another shot at love, as she was sent on a date with Justin from Surviving Paradise. The pair broke it off when Elys wanted to partner with Bryce Constantin. They made it to the finale but didn’t win, and claimed they intended to make things work… Also Justin chose not to return for the final voting, so I’m guessing that did not start up again brrr.

Elys has since been linked to fellow Too Hot to Handle star Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, so it seems the pair’s relationship didn’t last. They’ve even appeared on each other’s social media feeds, so I guess it’s true love!

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri

Stevan Sitter and Alara Tanner on 'Perfect Match'
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Stevan was a day one in the Perfect Match villa and initially struggled to find the right connection. He flirted with Xanthi Perdikomatis but was turned down as she was trying to rehab from her bad boy type. He matched with Micah Lussier, who felt he was as opposite as it gets from her ex, Paul. Then he got his chance with Xanthi, but after being sent on a date with Alara Taneri from Dated and Related, he was hooked. I’d just like to clarify that on Dated and Related, it’s not the related people dating, they’re dating each other’s relations. Idk I was initially a little confused on the matter, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

So Alara and Stevan hit it off like a marketing girlie and her Lululemons, and they seemed to be the strongest pairing on the show!! But they experienced a brief conflict when Alara felt like Stevan was a little too eager to play “Spin the bottle.” They talked it out and seemed to move on, but SOMEHOW DIDN’T WIN???? 

They haven’t spoken about their relationship since, and the people need answers!! They don’t follow each other on Instagram, but this might be a ploy. Also, Harry Jowsey said on his podcast that Stevan currently has a girlfriend, but didn’t name names…hmm…

Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare

Chris Hahn and Tolu Ekundare on 'Perfect Match'
Image Credit: Netflix

My girl Tolú had a rough run of things, and I’m just so glad she found someone decent. She initially matched with Izzy (who was actually clearly into Micah), got paired with Dom (UGH), and so forth. But Chris, from Dated and Related, and Tolú, from The Trust, initially shared a lovely friendship, which blossomed into more. The turning point was when Tolú dared Chris to do a lap dance with the girlie he fancied most, and yep, you guessed it, he picked her!!! Emily Henry, write this down ASAP!!

But despite the strong foundation to their connection, they quickly encountered a Too Hot to Handle shaped hurdle, when Chris was sent on a date with Melinda Melrose. He considered jumping ship to his new potential, but then decided to see things through with Tolú — yay! They made it to the finale and held strong against criticism from outed contestants.

Where are they now? On June 16, Chris posted a TikTok using the audio: “You’re hot, you’re funny, you’re kind, you’re smart, you’re amazing, you’re incredible, you’re good at conversation, you’re such a great friend, you’re so loving, you’re caring, you’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re hilarious.” He captioned the video, “Explaining to Tolu why she’s my match.” I’M SQUEALING.

Either they’re still banging out this friends-to-lovers trope or they’ve become the friendliest exes ever to walk this earth!!

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier
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Micah and Kaz were both day one contenders, but took their time finding each other!! Kaz is from Dated and Related (again: dating each other’s relations, not their own!!), and Micah was on Love is Blind (part of the iconic duo with Irina). After exploring other connections, they gave things a go and even won one compatability challenge.

However, their new relationship was put to the test with the arrival of Holly Scarfone from Too Hot to Handle. Holly and Kaz got on a little too well during their clay mud date, and Micah later argued with him and called him a “liar.” The man also kissed Holly in front of Micah! During a game of Flip Cup! The audacity! He then matched with Christine briefly and Micah gave fellow Love is Blind’er Izzy the time of day, but it seemed strictly platonic. The pair reunited and took on a barrage of outrage from Christine, Holly, and Brittan, but held their chins high. 

Micah and Kaz don’t seem to have lasted, as she recently posted a TikTok of herself laughing and wrote, “when you ignore all the obvious red flags because he’s hot and inevitable get hurt.” We’ve been there, girlie!

Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones

christine-and-nigel-perfect match

Our winners of season two?? This makes even less sense than Georgia and Dom in season one, including everything that later happened with them. Christine and Nigel were on different seasons of Too Hot to Handle, and they got together a day, maybe two, before the final voting when they were sent on a date. Christine was kind of forced to choose him as Kaz ended their brief fling to reunite with Micah. Nigel and Kaz also got into some beef at the final voting when Kaz claimed he wasn’t an “alpha” — straight men, honestly.

Footage showed them enjoying their prize trip to Thailand, and I guess we’ll see if the honeymoon period lasted past Customs.

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