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Please Tell Me Harry And Jess From 'Perfect Match' Are Not Still Together

Who can I speak to about banning Harry Jowsey from all dating shows? This man is atrocious TV, because (surprise!) he’s always just gonna be his fuckboy self and cheat whenever he gets the opportunity. It’s predictable. It’s traumatizing. I’m over it. Netflix is supposed to be my safe space, but every space with Harry in it is cursed — just ask Jessica Vestal. The Love is Blind icon gave Netflix dating shows another try on the second season of Perfect Match and self-sabotaged when she decided to pair up with the Australian villain.

I don’t think a single person gasped when Harry swiftly found someone else more interesting and messed up things with Jess. For whatever reason, she was willing to try again and they started dating IRL after the show. So, what’s the deal with these two now? Are Harry Jousey and Jessica Vestal together? Sigh. Here’s what I know about their current relationship status.

Are Harry And Jess From Perfect Match Still Together?

What Happened Between Harry And Jess On Perfect Match?

Harry Jousey and Jessica Vestal on 'Perfect Match'
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I’d summarize their Perfect Match journey as a hot mess, which is exactly what we all expected. Basically, Jessica told Harry, “I beg you, don’t embarrass me motherfucker.” (Well, Sabrina Carpenter was the one who said that, but that’s the essence of what Jess said.) And Harry, of course, promised he wouldn’t and somehow managed to convince her that he was looking for a wife!

But alas, our guy is never looking for anything serious. When the show brought in new single girls to spice things up, Harry was adamant that he wouldn’t ruin his relationship with Jess. As it turned out, Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda Berry was just too tempting for him. They flirted, and he sneakily kissed her off-camera. Harry then lied to Jess about the whole thing, but obviously, she found out.

He should’ve listened to JoJo Siwa when she said: “Thou shall not lie. Thou shall not cheat.” SMH.

Did Harry And Jess Date After Perfect Match?

Jess did give Harry another chance after the show, but they ended up splitting a few weeks later. Shocking! They’re not together now, but they have been teasing fans with joint posts on social media recently, probably just for fun and publicity.

Why Did Harry And Jess From Perfect Match Break Up?

Do you really have to ask? I’ll give you a hint: The reason starts with an H and ends with an arry. While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Harry said that his reputation caused issues in the relationship. “I think that again she’s only seen what she’s seen online or on the shows and also all the other girls they feel like they know me because they have seen me online,” he said. “It was just a constant battle trying to prove like, hey, I am genuinely interested, yes I have real feelings… It took a lot of work.” Yes, he had real feelings! He just had realer feelings for Melinda.

Jessica told ET: “Outside of the show, it was more of like, an alright, fool me twice shame on me, I’m gonna have to take that on ’cause I did know better.” I’m rooting for her. No more Harrys or Jimmys, please!

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