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Bride Wants Her Bridesmaids To Pay $300 Cover Fee For Bridal Shower... Um, What?

Ah, the joys of wedding season. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone pops up with yet another awful bridezilla story. And today‘s dose of bridal absurdity comes courtesy of Reddit, where one bridesmaid shared a tale that had us all clutching our pearls. Get ready for this: she was asked (by the bride) to pay $300 to attend the bridal shower. No, seriously.

In a Reddit post that blew up faster than the latest TikTok trend, our bridesmaid (oh, who’s also the bride’s cousin, mind you) revealed she got an invite link to RSVP to the bridal shower. Casual. But, plot twist: upon clicking, she was hit with a $300 fee… to attend said bridal shower. I literally paid less for SZA tickets. Imagine paying $300 to attend an event where you might get roped into playing “Pin the Veil on the Bride.”

Naturally, this bridesmaid decided to ask her cousin for clarity. Obviously, this had to be some sort of mistake or random bout of insanity. The response? The bride said that everyone had to pay their own way. Cue the collective gasp. The cousin described how annoyed she is and how ridiculous she thought it was. Girl, same.

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The bridesmaid asked people on Reddit if this was normal. Spoiler alert: it’s not. And no, she didn’t even have to ask — even without any details, I already know the bride is bonkers.

Adding to the insanity, our girl isn’t even “allowed” to skip this fiasco because she’s in the bridal party, according to the bride. Plus, the shower is at a winery… and she doesn’t even drink!! So, $300 to watch other people sip Chardonnay and munch on overpriced cheese? Hard pass.

To make things worse, she’s already spent a small fortune on this wedding… and the wedding hasn’t even happened yet. Her bridesmaid dress cost an arm and a leg and she has to drop $1K on the bachelorette party. Oh, and she was planning to give her cousin $500 on top of that as a wedding gift. Can you say “money pit”?

The Reddit post amassed over 100 comments, with the general consensus being that the bride is out of her mind. People called her “rude” and that her demands were “not normal.” And like one commenter pointed out, it’s not customary to invite a guest somewhere and then ask them to pay. That’s just not how it works! Like, when did bridal showers start requiring cover charges?

Eventually, the bridesmaid updated her post to share that she decided to skip the shower altogether. Even though she said she could afford to go, she didn’t want to, and would be sending a card and a gift. She’s better than me, I would’ve declined the invite and kept the gift for myself.

But honestly, good for her. Brides, take note: If your pre-wedding events start to feel like a down payment on a small condo, it’s time to reassess. Because expecting your friends to drop $300 just to celebrate you is not just extra — it’s extra tacky.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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