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The Straights Are Upset About The "Accuracy" Of Francesca's Queer Storyline

Between Chappell Roan’s iconic performance at Gov Ball and the introduction of queer storylines in Bridgerton, this summer is for the gays! And no, I’m not just referring to Benedict’s bisexual story arc. Francesca and Michaela are clearly hot to go! But let me back up a bit and explain for those who are still catching up on the latest season of Bridgerton. (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

The most introverted of the Bridgerton family, Francesca would rather spend all of her time at the piano than popping out babies (same, girlie, same). But when she meets the super quiet Earl John Stirling, she’s like, okay, I guess I can be with a man. (We love a guy that knows when to STFU.) Fast forward to their quick marriage and happily ever after. Before they even have a chance to go on their honeymoon, Francisca is introduced to her new husband’s cousin, Michaela, and experiences full bi panic. She can’t even say her own goddamn name. But, here is where the internet lost its shit: Michaela is really Michael if you read the books. Stay with me here!! In Francesca’s book, When He Was Wicked, John’s cousin is actually a dude. *gasp!* Francesca develops a close relationship with Michael when John dies randomly of a brain aneurysm (bummer). Eventually the two fall in love, yada, yada, yada. Assuming a similar fate will happen to the new and improved Lady Michaela. Love wins, etc.

But the straights are UPSET about this gender-bending decision. Some go so far as to complain about how a queer story wouldn’t be “accurate” for the time period — as if Bridgerton has ever been historically accurate. Last time I checked, they didn’t have Ariana Grande instrumental covers in the Regency era.

To add salt to injury, apparently, Michael’s original storyline was a lot of people’s “favorite” in the series. Based on what I read, he sounds like an asshole. He literally threatens to sexually assault Francesca to trap her in marriage and casually colonizes India in his free time. Are we reading the same book?!

Thankfully, the showrunner Jess Brownel stands by the decision to give us Franchaela. “I just want to say that I don’t think that the reveal of Francesca’s future queerness negates what she has with John…The kind of love she has for John is very real,” Brownel tells Glamour. “Going forward, I’m hopeful to tell a very nuanced story about Francesca having two great loves in her life.”

Naturally, Twitter exploded over the gender swap because the internet cannot handle nuance. And since I love nothing more than mess, I’ve gathered the best reactions to Francesca and Michaela’s love story.

Fans Reaction To Francesca and Michaela

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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