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A Pride Month Win: Benedict Finally Gets A Fruity Storyline In 'Bridgerton' Season 3

At long last, the people are getting what they’ve always wanted: the queerification of Bridgerton — and in June! We love to see it. I think we’ve all had suspicions about/dreams for Benedict Bridgerton since season 1 aired in 2020. Ya know, when our guy seemed very curious about two men hooking up at a party hosted by his pal, Sir Henry Granville? But alas, we did not really get to see Benedict fully explore his sexuality in the first two seasons. No, we had to wait four extremely long years for that.

Thank goodness the iconic character finally gets a thrilling experimentation journey in season 3 and has a ~dalliance~ with his not-GF, Tilley, and the other guy on her roster, Paul. Yeah, it’s chaotic in the best way. So, is Benedict bi, gay, or somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum? Here’s what I know, based on the new batch of season 3 episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

Is Benedict Queer?

Breaking Down Benedict’s Threesome With Paul And Tilley

Benedict, Paul, and Tilley in 'Bridgerton' season 3
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In season 3, we see Benedict strike up a casual fling with widow Lady Tilley Arnold. I’m not gonna lie. I thought it was kinda random and unnecessary at first, but I stand corrected because this situationship ultimately set the stage for Benedict to discover and embrace his queerness. Tilley’s a modern woman for her time, and in episode 6, she invites Benedict to dinner with her other bestie/booty call, Paul Suarez. Because, of course! That night, Paul attempts to rizz up Benedict before inviting him upstairs to have a threesome with himself and Tilley. Benedict is a touch caught off guard in the moment and declines the invitation… but he’s clearly fallen for Paul’s charm and is feeling a little flustered.

In the season finale, Benedict, Tilley, and Paul do end up having a threesome, and Benedict even comes back for round two. Unfortunately, that’s when Tilley realizes she really likes him and wants to be in a monogamous relationship with him. SMH. Read the room, Tilley.

Is Benedict Bi?

Benedict is a no-label kinda guy for now; he’s just having a great time, as he should. When Tilley expresses that she wants a relationship with him, he politely rejects her. “Tilley, you’re extraordinary, but I’m not certain that serious is what I want,” Benedict says. (Alexa, play “Casual” by Chappell Roan.) “What happened between the three of us, what happened since I met you, had made me realize how good it feels to be free.” He clarifies that he doesn’t want to date Paul either — he just wants to vibe in his queer slut era, god bless him.

I’m sure we’ll learn more when this king gets his own season! That could be season 4 or beyond, but personally, I’m rooting for season 4.

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