Wait...Did Schwartz Just Block Jo?

Okay, so we all know Tom Sandoval is bad right? Like, it’s almost boring how easy it is to spot the millions of red flags he waved with abandon since Scandoval happened. Once the truth of the months-long affair hit the airwaves, it became pretty easy to accept the black-and-white truth that Sandoval is just not a nice guy (at least for those of us who Tom doesn’t buy expensive gifts, because apparently that changes things). But there’s been a quieter monster creeping in the shadows all along that fans are finally acknowledging exists. That monster would of course be bleach-blond Bubba #1, AKA Tom Schwartz, who has gotten away with his nefarious movements against multiple members of the VPR crew by feigning innocence behind that goofy crooked smile. That’s why when Jo arrived on the scene, for some odd reason volunteering to be Schwartz’s sacrificial lamb, I knew there would be trouble. Don’t get me wrong, in a lot of ways they seemed perfect for each other. Watching them communicate through silly voices and robot dance moves would’ve almost been cute if it wasn’t so annoying. But Schwartz is gonna Schwartz at the end of the day, which in this case meant playing Jo for all she’s worthwhile somehow painting Katie as the one who owed Jo an apology. Now that season 11 has come to a bitter end, I couldn’t help but wonder: are Jo and Schwartz still friends

Are Jo and Schwartz still friends?

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Things have gone sour between the pick-me pair. Jo has continued to make a lot of long-winded commentary on the internet about how she still loves him dearly, even though it didn’t work out. Though it’s hard to describe her frequent peace and love rants as anything other than a little strange (sorry Jo they are!), they’ve also objectively been explicit about her and Schwartz’s sex life at times. On a recent IG post about the Pump Rules fans needing to “choose kindness” (lol, girl, wrong show) Jo mentioned she couldn’t tag Schwartz for some reason. This got me thinking…did Schwartz block Jo? And the answer apparently is yes. Jo went on live May 9 to explain why Schwartz blocked her, which is basically because would like her to stop talking about him nonstop since he has a girlfriend now. Jo’s response, in short, was “no.” Perhaps the reunion will shed more light on what exactly led the friends astray, but hopefully, Jo now realizes her real bully all along was none other than her pal Schwartzy. 

T-Money And Josef’s Glory Days

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Things first got tricky for Jo on season 11. Schwartz clearly gave her the green light to officially enter the VPR universe, presumably under the impression he would introduce her to the rest of the group under his wing to see where their love connection would go. Except it was more like Tom would invite Jo to events and then watch from a corner as she floundered under the pressure. By the time Jo fried the greys off Schwartz’s scalp in her salon, he was already suddenly done with her. He made this clear as day when he invited Jo to a singles event she said she was made to believe they were attending to support Sandoval (not so Schwartz could break up with her by making out with a rando in front of her face). Even Kyle Chan, the Toms’ apologizer extraordinaire, was mystified as to why Joe was there. Following that almost cruel debacle, the producers made Tom sit Jo down and tell her she wasn’t the one. A few weeks later while taking a breather during one of Sandoval’s Most Extras performances (Bravo is the real villain for making us watch that BTW) Tom made sure Jo really got the message that there would be no funny business in San Francisco. And yet Tom still managed to make her look like a clown by serving her on a platter for Katie to dunk on. I’m not sure any ex-wife would be dying to make nice with a former mutual who jumped into bed with their husband, but if Tom knew Katie even a little bit he would’ve never suggested Jo try to get validation from the woman who has no responsibility to protect her feelings. 

Tom & Jo’s Friendship Before VPR

Jo and Schwartz met years ago after she moved to LA from the Midwest so she had privately been a part of Schwartz’s life for some time now (as well as Kristen’s before Jo became too much of a handful for even Doute to keep around…yikes). But Jo first fell on our radar when her crashing with Schwartz in the early stages of his divorce became a point of contention for Katie. Tom has described their friendship as one of a kind, all but calling Jo his soulmate in the same lofty language Sandoval tossed around about Rachel.


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